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  1. Righteous

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    I got bored today and decided to make something.
    Went to the thrift store and bought this briefcase for $1.50, came home and ripped all the insides out of it and also got some foam there for 50 cents.I used a dremal tool with a wire brush to eat away the foam where I needed to, worked like a charm but made a helluva a mess. I got a grand total of 2 bucks in this LOL


  2. c3shooter

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    Disclaimer- I am not a lawyer
    Caution: Be REAL careful, my friend
    IF you are INTENDING to create a device that DISGUISES the appearance of a firearm, AND permits the arms to be fired while in its DISGUISED state, you may be about to run afoul of the BATFE. Of course, I am certan that you have not yet done anything illegal, and are only thinking about this- RIGHT?

    Reason that I mention this, BATFE has held that some things, like the "wallet" holsters- you know, looks like a leather wallet, holds derringer, permits deringer to be fired while still in wallet by poking pinger thru hole in side of wallet, etc- well, that meets their definition of an AOW- Any Other Weapon- like a cane gun, knife gun, etc, and they are Class III weapons- requiring registration, payment of tax, etc etc.

    So if I took a suitcase, made an internal filling that would hold, say, a Tec 9, and had wire, string, silly putty that would allow me to fire the Tec WHILE CONCEALED IN THE SUITCASE- Ah, Houston- we have a problem. OTOH, if you are making a case just to transport a firearm, well, that is legal, and done every day.

    Again, I am not a lawyer, but DO be careful- OK?

  3. robocop10mm

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    Yes, pen guns, cane guns and knife guns are AOW's but I have never heard of a wallet holster with pistol inside being controlled by ATF. Not that it is not true, just never heard that.

    I guess they could use that to call any camoflaged rifle an AOW. It is "disguised". I can fire my Smith Revolver through a jacket pocket so I guess I am comitting a Federal Offense when I carry it in the jacket pocket with out first registering it as an AOW.

    I know, my examples are ascinine but that appears to be the prevailing wisdom of Federal agencies, Take it to the extreme until you lose your case on appeal (at least twice) then change your policy. If someone cannot afford a decent attorney, they can go to prison for 5 years.
  4. fapprez

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    That is an awesome idea. Your example turned out pretty nice, and when you take into consideration the $2 you have into it, I'd say it's damn near perfect! The only thing that keeps it from perfect is the fact that you failed to mention if you got the key/combo for it. (depending on the latch system)
  5. Righteous

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    Nope no key, thats ok tho beacuse I wont keep the gun in it anyways for long periods and its for rapid use anyways , dont want to have to fumble with keys if needed.
  6. RL357Mag

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    That's funny! You must have had the same "Man From U.N.C.L.E. " briefcase as a kid that I had! I must have missed something here, did you say you could fire it without opening it?
    I did this once with an old Readers Digest Condensed book - hollowed it out to fit my little Remington Pocket revolver. That's about all the Reader's Digest Condensed books were good for!
  7. Dillinger

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    What are you doing with a Mac and a supressor? LOL

    That looks great Righteous! Very nice work indeed.

    I don't see anything there to get in a twist about. For two bucks? You can't beat the finished product for less than $50. :cool:

  8. coltm4

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    very James Bond. i like it:D
  9. truevil1313

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    Very nice work indeed, and you can't beet the price!!!!
  10. lawdog

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    Looks good, and appears to be very functional. One word of warning however. The use of styrofoam or similar foam, when Dremeled out, creates small foam particles which may enter the weapon mechanism and create problems. It would probably be a good idea to cover the foam with a cloth lining, or if you like the foam look, coat it with a polymer sealant to prevent "flaking off" of the foam.
  11. Doug1627

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    Looks great! As others mentioned cannot beat that price.
  12. h&k bigdaddydieseldan

    h&k bigdaddydieseldan New Member

    I second that coltm4 :p:p:p
  13. c3shooter

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    Reason that I posted that note about AOWs? Letter from our friends- the BATFE-
    [Reproduced from]

    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
    Washington, DC 20226


    FEB 25 1976


    The January 15, 1976, issue of the Shotgun News contains an
    advertisement by you offering for sale a "Wallet-Holster" designed
    specifically for concealing and firing a High-Standard derringer
    pistol and other derringer pistols.

    Section 179.11 of Part 179, Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations,
    defines a pistol as follows: A weapon originally designed, made,
    and intended to fire a small projectile (bullet) from one or more
    barrels when held in one hand, and having (a) a chamber(s) as an
    integral part(s) of, or permanently aligned with, the bore(s); and
    (b) a short stock designed to be gripped by one hand and at an
    angle to and extending below the line of the bore(s). The term
    shall not include any gadget device, any gun altered or converted
    to resemble a pistol, any gun that fires more than one shot,
    without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger, or
    any small portable gun such as: Nazi belt buckle pistol, glove
    pistol, or a one-hand stock gun designed to fire fixed shotgun

    Placing the High-Standard derringer in the "Wallet-Holster" negates
    the use of the birdshead type stock which can no longer be gripped
    by the hand in the conventional manner. The derringer thus becomes
    a concealed gadget device in the same category as a can gun, a belt
    buckle pistol, or a cigarette lighter gun, and is classified as
    "any other weapon" in the amended National Firearms Act of 1968.

    - 2 -

    There is no violation of the National Firearms Act in the mere
    possession of a derringer with a rifled bore, nor in making,
    transferring, or receiving a "Wallet-Holster" designed to contain
    the derringer. However, any person who might possess the installed
    combination of the High-Standard derringer or any other derringer
    designed to be carried and fired in the "Wallet Holster" would be
    in possession of a "firearm" as defined in Section 5845(a)(5) of
    the Act. Such a firearm is subject to the tax imposed under
    Section 5821, and to the making provisions of Section 5822 of the
    Act. Sections 5811 and 5812 on transfer taxes and transfer
    provisions are also applicable. Publication 603 (Rev. 6-74) and
    its 1975 Supplement, ATF P 5300.5, which contains the sections of
    law mentioned above, are enclosed for your convenient reference.

    We strongly recommend that you publish a warning sheet which
    outlines the status of these commodities to accompany the sale of
    each "Wallet-Holster." Such action on your part would be prudent
    business practice. Please contact us or our nearest Alcohol,
    Tobacco and Firearms Office is you have any questions concerning
    the contents of this letter.

    Sincerely yours,

    A. Atley Peterson
    Acting Assistant Director
    (Technical and Scientific Services)