Ask NRA/ILA to Stay Home Next Year

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    Given the damage NRA/ILA rep Whitney O'Neil seems set upon doing in Missouri, I can only hope he stays in Fairfax next year.

    From the most recent NRA/ILA Alert:
    What's wrong with that? So far as anyone's experienced to date, after eight years of legal CCW, there is no penalty for accidental exposure. At least, not until Mr. O'Neil came in and made an issue of it. Now that he and his organization have raised the possibility there will undoubtedly be some prosecutor(s) who will try to bring such charges. Of course, what that's covering over is that the bill was originally written to protect open carry in general until NRA/ILA convinced a legislator to reduce the protection to accidental exposure. So, NRA/ILA rep Whitney O'Neil managed, to the unanimous objection of all grassroots lobbyists, to not only get the original intent gutted but added a specious risk that hadn't previously existed. Such a deal!

    Last year he was responsible for a "correction" in Missouri law to increase the CCW training requirements to a minimum of 140rds. fired on the range, a minimum of 70 from both a pistol and a revolver, claiming it was a "clarification" of existing law. Over the preceding seven years, only a few instructors, most of whom also sold ammo and rented firearms to students, had interpreted the law in such a manner. Again, there was no demonstrated problem insofar as the lesser training requirement leading to mishaps; just the NRA coming in and "correcting" what didn't need to be corrected. Now, the NRA, in another alert, is pushing for passage of HR489 which grandfathers training certificates issued under the old law, a problem that wouldn't need correction if NRA/ILA hadn't decided that they know better than the grassroots people who'd originally written and passed our CCW law.

    Unfortunately, NRA/ILA doesn't seem to have any interest in or reason to listen to grassroots. They send their rep, Whitney O'Neil, into the state to follow the Fairfax party line and be damned what the state residents want. It reminds me of a labor union I once was forced to join whose business agent was selling us out. We learned that we couldn't get rid of him; he was hired by the national and only they could fire him. In that case, we voted to go non-union. I don't think we have that option with the NRA/ILA.
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    3 Words....

    4 if you want to be technical