Ask me anything about Europe (Q&A)

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by SlavicVibes, Feb 22, 2018.

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    Sorry you may not like the reality but denying reality is just flaunting ignorance.
    When people start calling educated answers "Russian Bots" , we know the level of our discourse has collapsed to a point of no recovery.

    I am not Pro Russia (was an anti slav for most of my youth) but fact is Crimea was part of The Russian Empire for along time before being made part of Ukraine duirng the soviet Union. This is black letter history.

    I wish Ukraine and the Ukrainians the very best but while I am opposed to whats going on in the Donbass with the rebels (tho they also started out with a legitimate grievance) what goes on w/ Crimea is really nobodies business except Russia's, Crimea was part of Ukraine only so long as Ukraine kept its "Little Russia" identity which it no longer has.
  2. bluez

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    Looks he got chased off by an ignoramus or two..

  3. bluez

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    I sincerely hope not. It would not be a compliment to our group if a new member was sanctioned for being knowledgeable on things that most of us live in ignorance of.
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    I don’t know that he was a Russian feeder. But I found it a strange that he showed up here, less than 24-hours after two of the highly popular social sites took action to get the Russians off their sites. And, the shear volume and quantity of his posts was abnormal.
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    I enjoyed reading his stuff. My son is in Germany this week, representing American companies (Bushnell, Savage, etc.) at a shooting, hunting, outdoor sports show. I'll be interested in what he says upon his return. i admit ignorance of present-day Europe.

    Back when cocaine first hit, i met a true mercenary er...private security specialist employed to protect American interests in Central/South America/ Africa and asked him how the U.S. was perceived thereabouts. "The U.S. is a large, fat cow to be milked dry and butchered. Kindness and Generosity is perceived as weakness and stupidity."

    Those conversations have stuck with me for over 30 years. The man, at the time, had never, figuratively, never unpacked his duffle bag after the fall of Vietnam. Asked who were the toughest fighters he had faced, without hesitation replied "African natives in their home environment. " The influx of African gangsters into Europe along with hordes of refugees is apparently not a pleasant thing to consider. Time will tell.
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    well, if i want to know about Europe, i'll wait until my oldest niece gets back from there and ask her! she is in France right now. she and her team-mates in the art class competition scored high enough to get invited to Europe for three weeks. she got on plane Saturday morning! we are so proud of her accomplishments!
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    i know! he posted about 100 posts in about a 12 hour period! and i thought i was post hog! he made me look like an amateur!
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    It’s okay. You live in the US. “Slavic Vibe” claimed to be a voice from Europe. It came on too strong, and tried too hard to sound American. This is just not how a real continental European will write.
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    I gave Slavic the benefit of the doubt, and he provided some nice pics from somewhere. Not sure the source of those pics, and they could have very likely been internet-available.

    But I was skeptical, just because of the volume of posts in just a few days.

    Since Slavic hasn't posted since 23 Feb, I am guessing he is either not genuine, or has befallen some sort of incident to keep him from posting. I'm leaning toward the former...
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    And in his listings of all the countries he had been in, the United States was not one of them. But he had the American vernacular down pat. It's not really something that can be picked up very easily.

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    Well that’s all the proof I need to know he was Russian! :confused:
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