AR's are still legal in MD

Discussion in 'Maryland Gun Forum' started by DP03, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. DP03

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    I don't see much traffic on this sub-forum, but I've heard plenty of folks say how they can't buy AR15, AR10's, etc since the 10/1/13 law went into effect.

    Just letting everyone know that's false. AR's can be purchased at MD LGS's in a variety of configurations. The one's they can't sell are the "lightweight barrels" with grenade launcher indents in the barrels.

    I have no doubt the laws will change once again once they catch on, but for now there are some pretty big loopholes in the laws that allow their purchase. Of course, the 10 round mag limit is in effect, but higher capacity mags are easily found in PA and VA.
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    Incase no one knows. The MSP stated about a month ago stripped lowers are legal to buy again here in marylandistan. They can only be built in a HBAR, pistol, or SBR form tho.

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