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Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by wickedins4nity, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. wickedins4nity

    wickedins4nity New Member

    Hey guys I'm in the market for some new arrows for my bow. I want to try some carbon arrows, and would like your suggestions on what you all like. Thanks in advance
  2. Tinytim

    Tinytim New Member

    I shoot Gold Tip Hunter 3555 and they are great! You might not live in Texas but you can go to and search arrows. What bow do you shoot?

  3. aandabooks

    aandabooks Active Member

    You need to match the arrows you buy to the bow you shoot. Your needs will be very different based on whether your pulling 70 vs 50 lbs. Go to a Pro Shop and tell them what you are pulling for weight and how long of a draw you have your bow set up for. Make sure you get the arrows cut to length.
  4. unclebear

    unclebear New Member

    I found some Gold Tip expedition hunters 5575 while I was mowing ran over them with a riding mower, still straight still shoot pretty well out of my Pearson 60 pound draw weight. I went and got some more made just a little thicker and they shoot perfect. I would suggest gold tip.
  5. wickedins4nity

    wickedins4nity New Member

    Thanks for the responses guys. I am shooting an entry level PSE deer hunter. It has a 32 inch draw and is maxed out at 70 pounds. I currently have some cheap Easton aluminums and I like using the Montec G5 broadheads 100 grain.
  6. navvet08

    navvet08 New Member

    The brand of arrow you shoot is dependent upon a few variables.
    1: There are different weights to different carbon arrows based upon what you want them to do in accordance with your draw length, poundage and how fast your bow shoots at said length and poundage.
    2: Personal preference comes into play
    3: the weight of the tip you are using also can come into play

    I have a Matthews Monster. I pull between 55-65lbs depending on what shape I am in at the time. I generally start at 55 at the beginning of the season and end up shooting 65 at the end of the season. My bow speed is 305 fps to 320 fps at the different lbs that I shoot. My draw length is 28". I shoot Gold Tip Expedition Hunter 5575 with 100gr field point and 100gr Muzzy broadheads.

    The arrows I shoot have been tested by myself. I have seen some carbon arrows splinter badly when hit with another arrow or even have a shatter like effect. I have "robin-hooded" multiple times with these arrows and they have not shattered or splintered. Also, I shoot a very tight group (5 arrows 1" spread) at 20, 30, 40 yards.

    The Gold Tips are not the cheapest but are well worth the money when it comes to durability and reliability.
  7. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    I use the cheap aluminum arrows. Doesnt hurt much when i break or lose one.
  8. Wambli

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    I use only Beeman and Easton thin shaft carbon arrows and they are FAST ana flat shooting out of my Mathews (set at 71 lbs). My three pins are almost on top of each other and at 45 yards I can do sub 2" groups all day long.
  9. towboater

    towboater Well-Known Member

    There's not a thing wrong with aluminum arrows. Keep shoot them if that is what you like.
    I prefer aluminum too.