Army or Marines? Or maybe Airforce?

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  1. rman598

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    Sorry I wasn't able to post this in LE and Military. I want to join the military but I'm not sure what branch. I was looking at different jobs and I was interested in the engineering(army) , wheeled driver(army+ marines) small arms repair(army
    + marines), security (airforce), and the Abrams tank crew man(army). I know many of you are in the military and veterans and what are your experiences with them. I'm kind of leaning towards army because marines might be too tough for me. thanks
  2. SSGN_Doc

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    Do you just want to join the military to do a short term job that you will only do in the military? Or do you want a military job that will lead to a job after the military?

  3. therewolf

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    Learn a job skill you can profit from outside the military.

    If only I knew this when I joined the Navy.

    I would have become an Electrician's Mate.

    Get the added benefit of getting that high demand

    job skill training. Many employers in the private sector

    are looking for that military work experience you will

    bring with you.

    BTW, while there is still high accident risk, you will have

    a lot less chance of getting your ass shot off in the Air Force,

    or Navy.
  4. trip286

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    These simple questions Doc asked make all the difference in the world.
  5. 303tom

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    Army !...........
  6. bigjim

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    There are always, always shortages of aircraft mechanics. Never have to worry about finding a job when you get out.

    I guess if that's what you like, then it's the Airforce (the food is better, unless you are on a sub).

  7. JW357

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    If THAT'S your attitude, it most certainly is. Go Air Force. I wouldn't want that attitude in the Corps, especially during a significant drawdown.

    I'm certain the Army would be slightly more accepting of it.

    But the Air Force would love you.

    I'm only partially kidding. In all honesty though I would reconsider your choice in MOS'. With the wars ending you don't want to be in a Combat Arms MOS. You will be bored to tears, and hating life when you're actually doing something (because you will only be training).

    As said, find a marketable skill and go into that field. I would add to try to find something where you actually have work to do when not deployed.
  8. JW357

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    I want to clarify the first part of my above comment.

    90% of anything is mental. If you go into a task thinking you will fail, or having a significant amount of doubt in your ability to succeed, you almost certainly WILL fail.

    The same is true of Marine Corps boot camp.

    Confidence in everything you do, or you are destined for mediocrity at best.
  9. danf_fl

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    There are not too many jobs on the outside calling for a tank driver.

    Electronics field is large and good techs are needed all the time (and I'm not talking house electricians).

    The Navy and AF have the best electronics schools. Quality of life is best in the AF (They put a golf course on a new base before the runway)
  10. seancslaughter

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    If I could do it over again I would definitely go for something in intelligence as there are tons of jobs in the civilian sector with good pay(starting pay about $68K a year) doing that work and you would still be making a difference protecting the US.
  11. Yunus

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    Security in the Air Force, be prepared for an incredibly boring job. Sitting in a truck all shift long and looking at an quiet airfield, no music or books or cell phones allowed either.

    I am a mechanic in the Air Guard with prior active duty experience, training is good and the skills are useful. If you have the aptitude for computers and don't have anything preventing you from getting a Top Secret then networking is the wave of the future for the Air Force and the demand in the civilian market is very high as well.
  12. WebleyFosbery38

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    This old NCO did 21 in the Army and suggests that the Air Force may be a better life for you and any future family you may someday wish to support! Food, Shelter and other facilities are much nicer than a Shelter half....
  13. yazul42

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    From what I have learned from my friends who have sons and daughters in the military, all of the branches are becoming extremely high tech. My brother in law is a Sgt. Major in the U.S.M.C., and the equipment they use now was unheard of when I was in the Marines in the 70's. Command and Control has made leaps and bounds due to this technology so basically a lot of us older fellows may not recognize the way the military is run today. Choose what you feel is the branch in which you can perform your duties best. When I was in, we still used some Korean era gear, when we would go TAD to Air Force or Naval installations, we thought we were at a resort, I have been told that most bases are far more modern than when I was in years ago. The choice is all yours.
  14. Vincine

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    Something to consider:

    The good thing about an ‘office’ occupation (engineering, some ‘intelligence’) is that more and more it won’t matter where you live, you’ll be able to do it anywhere that’s ‘wired’. (We’re flying drones from halfway around the world.) Would you like to be comfortable regardless of the weather? The bad thing about a desk job is you’d be in competition with everybody else who’s wired.

    The good thing about a job that requires physical manipulation of product or service (Heavy equipment operation, repair and construction trades, nursing) is that it can’t be outsourced. Competition will be limited. It has to be done at the point of service. (Drones still have to be fueled and maintained.) Would you rather work outside than be stuck inside? The bad thing about such a job is you have to go where the jobs are.

    Choose wisely. Best wishes.
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  15. Quentin

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    Many good suggestions above. You just need to talk to all the recruiters and pit their offers against each other. And of course get on top of it all knowing what really is available, not just promised. Myself, I was looking at Air Force, Navy and Army in 1966 and finally went Army because they were willing to waive college and allow me as an 18 year old HS graduate go to electronics school if I did well on the IG tests. Fortunately I had loaded up on college prep math&science in high school so scored high in those areas.

    Anyway, see what they all offer and of course what you qualify for. Choose the best for you now and for your future.

    Good luck and thanks for serving your country!
  16. John_Deer

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    Whatever you choose take the tests first and get a guaranteed contract. Lots of guys went in on a guaranteed contract but they didn't score well enough on the aptitude tests for that MOS. Make the recruiter prove that your test scores are high enough for that MOS.

    If you can't run 3 miles in 21 minutes right now don't join the Marine corp. If you are overweight get your weight under control before you enlist in anything.
  17. rjd3282

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    Oh Dear God please don't put your faith and trust in recruiters. If you feel you must go into the military, join the Air Force. In this day and age why get shot at in a war no one has any intentions of winning. Find an mos in aircraft maint. or avionics or computers and let the Air Force train you. You'll have something you can use when you get out. Don't let some recruiter talk you into something. Make up your mind what you want before you talk to them.
  18. rman598

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    I can run a 7 minute mile and i dont run. I know the marines is alot tougher and I know i could do it if I really wanted to but I think army or AF would be better for me. And I cant stand desk/office type jobs. I wouldn't be able to sit inside all day on a computer. And I do want a job that I can use in civilian life. I do love cars and trucks and aircraft but I dont think i would enjoy being a mechanic for the rest of my life. I was also considering a rescue type job in the AF I saw some of those on the website. Again thanks guys
  19. locutus

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    The Air Force and Navy offer the best training that can be converted to civilian life.

    The Navy May have you on a ship 6 months out of every year, and the Air force may have you in a remote isolated location like Thule, Greenland for a year.

    Take the tests for every branch. The one with the most, and most difficult tests is the one to pick. There's a good reason their tests are difficult. Lotsa applicants.:D

    And thank you for you desire to serve.:)
  20. rman598

    rman598 New Member

    I havent really looked into the navy. Not sure if I would like living on a ship. Anyone have any experience in the navy? Did you like it?