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Welcome to our group. We have similar backgrounds. I spent 24 yrs in the Army with 16 of those years as a Military Policeman. Finally my ears got so bad that I couldn't hold up my end and I was concerned that I might get one of my men hurt by not hearing a radio message well enough. I too taught firearms Safety since 1970 and just retired from that this year. I taught at the Colorado Highway Patrol Police Academy and for the DOW in Missouri, Colorado and Alaska. Total students taught....roughly 14,000. I just recently graduated from the Colorado Auxillary Police Corps Academy and now will be back in uniform when we have incidents or visits from high muckymucks that require a lot of security and crowd control. I write stories about my life and that of my family. The Army has it's share of stories in my portfolio too. I wish you lived in Colorado cause I could use a shooting buddy that I could trust not to shoot me. LOL (not because of my stories or jokes)
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