Armed Robber Asks Victim to Call the Police

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    Now this was original .

    A man walked into a GameStop "A little shop that buys used games and sells the new and used games as well as the systems like Playstions" wandered around a bit and finally picked out a game and went to the counter/cashier and pulled a small pistol .

    Instead of money he wants a PlayStation 3 , he then walked around the counter to get his gaming system and tells the employee to call the police because he is being forced to do this !!

    His family is being held hostage by a man and demanded he go get him a PlayStation 3 or he would hurt his family .

    I don't even think the guy took a single cent from the cash drawer right in front of him .

    The worker gave a description of his car and what direction he went to Police but he was off the lot by time they arrived despite the Police Station only being a few hundred yards up the road , and I do mean a few maybe 300 yards away .