Armatix Quicklock and Trustlock

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    Hi guys,

    some of you might have heard of the company armatix.
    This is a company, that makes safety systems for firearms, that block the barrel and are not supposed to be able to taken out without damaging the firearm.

    Well we had a firearm magazine im march, that ran a test and could remove the bolt fromthe barrel in under 2 minutes, by pulling it using a wire that was welded to the bolt and then could be pulled out without big force.
    Due to a court order, the testreport was banned from the shops through the company armatix.

    Yesterday we had a tv documentation show how the system can be removed in approx. 7 seconds without damaging the firearm at all. Just using an electric sanding machine.
    Watch the youtube video on this test. Only in german, but pictures speak more than words...:D

    [ame=]YouTube - Frontal21 testet Armatix Blockiersystem[/ame]

    The german goverment wants to force legal gun owners by law to buy these systems, after the last shool shootin has taken place here in germany 10 weeks ago.

    The company, as it seems, wants to start selling these crappy systems in the US.

    So, grab a beer and enjoy the video.
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    Scary, looks like a techno-crat solution. [​IMG]

    Like our DC royals, that can't run the country but will run (in the ground) our car companies and banks!

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    At the moment, this system is mandatory for weapons that have been inherited and want to be kept ba the ones inheriting them.

    One safetybolt cost approx. 120 Euro and that ugly fat thing to unlock it cost approx. 200 Euro.

    Taking that some people have 10 Weapons and more, that is a pretty big amount of money for a system, that dosn`t work.
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    That is truly sad to see. A vault/safe should be enough but it seems they want to make the firearm useless to everyone including the legal owner. I expect it wouldn't take long for the release tool to hgit the black market. Good luck and keep us informed
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    Will do that WDB.

    Just you guys be sure to keep youre eyes and ears open.
    Armatix is planning to sell theyre stuff in teh US.

    So spread word and send the youtube link to everybody.

    The system has been crakced on three different ways.

    1. Welding a peace of wire or a nail to the bolt inside the barrel and then the bolt could be pulled out.

    2. Same way as 1 just using superglue instead of welding

    3. The method shown in th eclip using an electronic sander.

    The german goverment is involved in the company. One of the banks run by the goverment holds a part of 25 plus one option on th ecompany and gave them 2.500.000 Euro for making the system.

    In addition to this useless system, the goverment wants make biometric locks on the vaults mandatory and the armatix system version with biometric lock on it.

    So yes, you are very correct in your assumption, that the government wants to make it so hard as possible to access the firearms.

    In fact they want to make gin owneship so expencive, by forcing us to either buy biometric locks for our vaults oder have us buy new gun vaults with biometric locks on them plus the armatix, that we give up and hand in our firearms.

    It is a very sad time for legal gun owners here at the moment, I can tel lyou guys.

    PS: one of our guys from a german firearm forum put english subtitels in the youtube video linked above.
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    o.k. Guys,

    today the ministers have brought the draft recomendation for changes in the german firearm law to paper.

    BMI - Pressemitteilungen -Änderungen des Waffenrechts als Folge des Amoklaufs von Winnenden

    Here what has been put into the draft paper:

    Waffenbehörde soll künftig nicht nur wie bisher nach Ablauf von 3 Jahren nach Erteilung der ersten waffenrechtlichen Erlaubnis, sondern auch nach Ablauf dieses Zeitraums das Fortbestehen des waffenrecht-lichen Bedürfnisses von Waffenbesitzern überprüfen können.

    The gunauthority should have the possibility to reecheck the need for owning a firearm even after three years of owneship. (today this check isn`t been done after three years anymore)

    Wegfall des bisher gesetzlich unterstellten waffenrechtlichen Bedürfnisses für Sportschützen.

    The quota of posessed firearms can ownly be raised, if it is proven, that the owner has been to shooting turnaments.

    Anhebung der Altersgrenze für das Schießen mit sog. großkalibrigen Waffen im Schießsportverein von 14 Jahren (mit Schießstandaufsicht und Einverständnis der Sorgeberechtigten) auf 18 Jahre.

    The minimum age to fire a big bore (anything above a .22) firearm will be raised from 14 to 18 years of age.

    Kontrolle der sicheren Aufbewahrung von Waffen und Munition in Räumlichkeiten der Waffenbesitzer wird verfassungskonform ausgeweitet.

    The gunauthority should get the possibility to run random checks on the registered firearm owners, if the posessed firewarms are kept according to law. If these random checks are refused, the firearm owner can lose his privilege to own firearms.

    BMI erhält eine Verordnungsermächtigung für Regelung neuer Anforderungen an die Aufbewahrung von Waffen und Munition, wobei in der VO u. a. auch die biometrische Sicherung sowohl von Waffenschränken als auch von bestimmten Schusswaffen geregelt werden soll.

    The secretary of state should receive the right to change the rules of firearm storage, if needed. This way technical details such as biometric locks can be added into an existing law whithout passing the normal ways of passing laws.

    Einführung eines elektronischen nationalen Waffenregisters.

    A central electronic firearm database will be implemented.

    Meldebehörde soll Waffenbehörde neben Namensänderung, Wegzug oder Tod künftig auch Zuzug von Waffenbesitzern melden.

    Not so important!

    Behörde erhält die Möglichkeit, eingezogene Waffen zu vernichten.

    The gunauthority should receive the right to destroy confiscated firearms.

    Strafbewehrung der vorschriftswidrigen Aufbewahrung von Schusswaffen und Munition, wenn dadurch Gefahr besteht, dass diese Gegenstände abhanden kommen.

    Keeping firearms not according to the law, will be a felony, not as now a misdemeanor

    Einführung einer befristeten Amnestieregelung, nach der Besitzer illegaler Waffen diese bis Ende 2009 straffrei abgeben können, sofern damit keine Straftat begangen wurde.

    Owners of illegal firearms, that bring and turn in these arms to the authorities, will receive amnesty.

    So, I would say, that is pretty much the end of legal firearm ownership here in germany.

    To say it simple: If these draft laws make to the end, we are fu...d!