Arizona Shooting Range - Ft Lauderdale, FL

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    Had a big day of shooting yesterday (I'm really spending too much money trying to decide what to buy - prolly could have just bought a gun for what I've spent so far!) :D

    So, yesterday the wife and I decide to make the 1hr trip to Arizona Shooting Range and Emporium in Ft. Lauderdale, specifically because they have CZs as rentals and because they let you pay 1 rental price, yet swap out for as many guns as you'd like (provided that they are the same caliber.)

    Range: $13.00
    Eye&Ear: $1.50
    Rental: $10.00
    9mm Ammo: $16.99! :mad:

    The Bad:
    • This was overall the most expensive place that I've shot (as compared to Shoot Straight WPB, Palm Beach Shooting, and Gator Guns & Ammo)
    • The 9mm ammo was at least $3 more expensive than anywhere else
    • You must use their ammo if you are renting
    • Crowded range. We were forced to share a lane (despite the fact that they charged us $13/each for the range. IMO, we should have only been charged for 1 lane). :mad:
    • Their customer service is spotty. (4 employees were by the gun sale counter. It took the guy by the gun rental area to ask us if we needed help and then he came over to help us as the other 4 acted as if we weren't in the store.)
    • The range is louder than most (I think it has to do with how it is designed).

    The Good:
    • You can use your own ammo with your own gun
    • No silly 1 round per second rule (as seen at Shoot Straight)
    • You can swap out rentals (in the same caliber) as often as you'd like for 1 price! :D
    • They have many, many rental guns (ballpark on 9mm only - 15 different guns)

    Our Experience:
    So we get there and were told that there is a 30 minute wait for an open lane. There is one group ahead of us. In reality, it was nowhere near 30 minutes, buy the time we filled out our paper work and picked our 1st set of guns and targets, we waited an additiona 5 minutes. As I said above we were both charged for the range, but had to share a lane. We were limited to 1 hour of shooting (combined, not each).

    We were able to shoot the following guns (all in 9mm):
    • Beretta 92FS
    • Beretta Px4 Storm
    • CZ P07
    • CZ 75 Compact
    • SIG Sauer P226

    Oddly, I was strangely dissatisfied with my overall experience of shooting all of these guns. Because we were sharing a lane and targets, I really wasn't able to make a clear distinction between all of these guns to my satisfaction. I feel that I shot them all equally well (except for the Px4, not that I shot it poorly, but I just wasn't as consistent with this gun).

    So, for me, all of the guns seemed to blend together. If I had it to do over, I would have used different targets (something with 4 or 5 round targets on it) and I would have shot in my own lane.
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    Travel down about 10 minutes along I95 to Hallandale and there's Big Al's Gun and Pawn. They have 20 lanes and quite a few different rentals. $7.50/day per lane (you can share lanes and they'll only charge for one lane). Most places require you to shoot their ammo on rented guns.. Same at Big Al's. No rapid fire restrictions either.. Only downside is that their lanes top out about 25 yards.