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    I have recently become interested in the Ariskaka rifles, for their price and having one of the strongest receivers of all military surplus rifles. Can anyone tell me how much they can usually be found, ammo price and availability (I know it difficult to get), and what is the best Type. I have found out that the Type 99 and Type 38 are most produced and popular. Thanks
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    Any idea about ammo? What is the best type?
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    I didnt feel like retyping this, So Im stealing it from my other thread..... :p

    The earlier T38 is in 6.5x50, and available as a long rifle, 2 carbines (one has a attached bayonet, the Type 44)
    Theres the Type 99 in 7.7x58, in long and short rifles.. The long ones are kinda rare, the production was dropped in favor for the shorter rifle, which became the "standard"
    There are differences in T99's.. The early ones have a dust cover, monopod, and Anti-aircraft sights. (Most are missing the dust cover and monopod, they were noisy and rattled) Later ones, known as "simplified" rifles are lacking parts that were "unnecessary" the A-A sight arms, dust covers, and monopods (but still have the mount) The last of the T99's are the "substitute" ("Last ditch") rifles, they were just being made as fast as they could, and are extremely crude. (Makes a Mosin look like a Weatherby.. ) Most have unfinished metal, visible welds, just a fixed rear sight, no dust cover, no monopod mount, wooden buttplates, etc..... There is a big debate to if the "last ditch" are safe to fire or not.. I dont know, I stay away from those just because of how crude they are...

    The Arisaka family of rifles are one of the strongest mil-surps out there. Look for the same things as any other mil-surp.. Make sure its not a smoothbore trainer..
    As far as collectibility, matching numbers are more desired than the "mum" I personally try to find "mums" because its more likely a battlefield pickup. The Mum was defaced by the Japanese solders before they surrendered or by American ones after they were captured..

    There is a couple of other Types; The Type I was made by the Italians for Japan, Its kinda of a cross between a Carcano and a Arisaka... Then theres the Type 30, If im not mistaken I think this is the first Arisaka, before that it was the Murata series of rifles... Both these types use the 6.5x50 cartridge.

    Ammo for both can be ordered, but expect to pay about $20 - $25 for a box of twenty... The Arisaka was what got me started in reloading...
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    Hornady and Norma make factory ammo for the 7.7,and I think,the 6.5. Graf and Sons,Midway and others carry it.I have a sporterized Type 99(7.7),but I reload instead of having to find ammo for it.
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    Some WWII p/u arms passed on to me by the family. This Type 44 carbine with folding bayonet and 8 MM Nambu {Papa} were from the battles fought in Alaska. The DWM Luger was also a p/u. I shoot all of these. The 6.5X50 is a very mild Ctg to shoot and easy to reload.:)

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