Are you armed at home.?

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  1. Ghost1958

    Ghost1958 Well-Known Member

    Alarms fail, dogs bark, biting dogs are easily dispatched quickly by an armed intruder or intruders coming thru the door.

    Are you armed, on body at home or in arms reach at all times of your home defense weapon?

    If not can you get to your weapon before someone who just kicked in your door gets to you? Or shoots you? Or one of your family?

  2. towboater

    towboater Well-Known Member

    Yep, I am pretty much armed all the time.
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  3. Dallas53

    Dallas53 Well-Known Member

    short answer, yes.
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  4. Dakota1

    Dakota1 Well-Known Member

    I plan ahead (as everyone should do).
    We have no way of predicting where in our house we will be when trouble happens...intruders don't call ahead. Think about points of forced entry & whether you'll be able to get to your weapon regardless of where you are in the room.
    Example: You're in the kitchen & your gun is in the living room with a front door & windows near your gun. Will you be able to quickly access your gun if someone breaks in? Not likely if an intruder is standing between you & your gun. Much more likely if you have a lockbox in the kitchen with you.

    There is NO room in my home on any of the three levels where I'm not 3 or 4 seconds from a gun. Any gun I'm not wearing is safely stored in quick-access lockboxes, secure from any visitors, children, etc. but accessible to me in a few seconds. And yes, that includes all bathrooms. Again...intruders don't phone ahead. Each lock box has a small, powerful light (designed to be used with a handgun) & extra mags. Planning ahead means acknowledging that humans can't see in the dark. The only thing worse than getting hurt by an intruder is killing an innocent person you mistook as an intruder because you couldn't identify the target in the dark.
    My bedside shotgun (also in a quick-access lockbox) has a Sure Fire light attached, since a long gun requires both hands. For those not familiar with that particular light, it has momentary operation with the thumb, so the light can be controlled.
    When I'm working outside...trimming bushes, etc, or just getting mail or taking out the trash....I'm always wearing a gun, concealed during the day, not concealed after dark.
    (no reason to scare neighbors).
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  5. 67stingray

    67stingray Member

    You mean that there are people that don't have a gun on them all the time?
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  6. Dakota1

    Dakota1 Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised when chatting with some people who only have one gun in their home.
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  7. Danoobie

    Danoobie Well-Known Member

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  8. Balota

    Balota ... but I used to play keyboards. Staff Member

    I only have one gun, but it's always at 3 o'clock on my person. I have several others, already loaded with spare mags/speed loaders, in a lockbox in my bedroom which is the retreat point for us.
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  9. PaBushMan

    PaBushMan Well-Known Member

    Yes always. And there is 3 of us who are always ready.
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  10. youngridge

    youngridge Active Member Supporter

    Bare minimum is a BG 380 in an Uncle Mikes holster. Sits awesome in my sweatpants and gym shorts.

    If I am coming from outside and got jeans on it is the G43 IWB, 6 o clock.

    Going to bed the 380 is on the night stand. I know I probably need something with more capacity. When I get another G19 I will deck one out with the flashlight and night sights.
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  11. hiwall

    hiwall Well-Known Member

    OPSEC dos not allow me to answer the question.
  12. AmPaTerry

    AmPaTerry Forum Chaplain Lifetime Supporter

    Where we live, back off the small county road about a hundred yards of drive - which includes a ford through a creek that can NOT be taken fast without breaking an axle - I feel pretty safe from surprise intrusions. And our dog, which lives inside, sends an alarm EVERY TIME a car passes, and goes NUTS when one turns into our drive.
    Due to this, I see no need to carry all the time I am in the house, although I still do at times. When I am not, there are several fully loaded and ready weapons within four seconds of being in my hand no matter where I am in the house at any time.
    When a vehicle comes in, I am carrying before they reach the house, no matter who it is.

    Which was disconcerting to a deputy that came out to serve me with a subpoena one evening. I met him at the door wearing pajamas, a robe, and my .44 magnum Super Blackhawk stuck in my robe belt.
    He looked a bit nervous, and asked "Are you Terry Trainor?"
    I said yes, and he looked at the paper in his hand - looked at the gun in my belt and asked again;
    "Are you the REVEREND Terry Trainor?"
    I managed to keep from laughing at his consternation and just said "Yes", and he served me with a subpoena to appear in court as a witness in an upcoming criminal case.

    When I am outside, I carry. ANYTIME I am out of reach of any of the weapons at the ready in the house, I carry one on my person - most commonly my 5" barreled GP100 loaded with Critical Defense .357's
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  13. manta

    manta Well-Known Member Supporter

  14. microadventure

    microadventure Active Member

    24 video cameras, annunciators at the beginning of the driveway 400 away, at the end 40 feet away, and at the gates 25 feet away. if you manage to sneak up, I'm dead or incapactitated. 1 chime 400 feet out, 2 bells 40 feet out, 3 "N-B-C" chimes at the gates, 4 ships bells if the visitor goes to the neighbors house.

    jimmy proof locks on the three external doors. no internal knob, dual cylinders. keys on retracting cords on the wall. if they come in, it's through the windows, and I did not make that easy either.

    Lockboxes with the same combination in every room. you can not rely on having a key at hand when you need it .

    and a compound bow with a razor point if there is an authorized visitor in my house. I learned 50 years back that a Peeping Tom is not necessarily afraid of Dad with a twice barreled 12, or big brother with a .44, but they **** themselves behind junior brother with a razor point broadhead.
  15. formerCav

    formerCav Well-Known Member

    yes, kimber polymer target 1911 stoked with 15 speer gold dot 230 grain HP's.
    I have a few other guns in various books in different rooms, but I WEAR my ccw 16/7. it is on my night stand when I sleep.
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  16. 303tom

    303tom Well-Known Member

    You dam skippy !.................
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  17. G30USMC

    G30USMC Well-Known Member Supporter

    if I'm awake, I'm armed
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  18. RJF22553

    RJF22553 Well-Known Member

    All the time, in my back pocket or bathrobe pocket.
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  19. hiwall

    hiwall Well-Known Member

    The likelihood of trouble at home is greater than trouble happening elsewhere. Hence anyone who feels they should be armed when away from home should obviously be armed also when at home.