Are Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin about to be Vindicated ?

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    After dozens of Centuries of stories of sitings and decades of plaster cast foot prints and fuzzy photographs and films that have all been dismissed as fakes and fantasy's of overactive imaginations the Bigfoot , Sasquatch ,Yeti mystery may all be about to be brought to a definitive scientific conclusion .

    Patterson went to his death in 1972 Swearing to the authenticity of his film made in 1967 something that even our courts will recognize "A deathbed Statement" yet people went out of their way to call the man a liar claiming his deathbed statement was actually a confession comparable to one made 40 years earlier by a man who claimed he had a photo of the Loch Ness Creature until death was upon him .

    Now 41 years later the definitive proof of his tale may be sitting in a freezer or perhaps by now a laboratory having tests run on it as a body has supposedly finally been found in the State of Georgia by two men one a Police officer and the other a former Corrections officer .

    As a believer and one who yes I have seen footprints in the wild on one occasion I can't help but having mixed feelings on the matter , while it would be wonderful for this find to be proven to be a completely unique genetic creature neither Man nor Ape and in doing so being able to thumb my nose at all those who have laughed at me and my story and the Patterson film . What might an affirmative conclusion mean for the animals themselves ?

    Could we see a resurgence of the traveling Carnivals complete with the freak side show each hoping for their own dead Bigfoot as an attraction ? Perhaps a live one would sell better ?

    Would armed hunters relentlessly take to the woods hoping for a kill or capture to make them instantly rich and famous ?

    Would an obviously predominately docile creature turn violent when faced with extinction from violent human attacks and make the grade B horror movies seem like children's books ?

    I suppose in the end if they have found a creature that is neither man nor animal we will find just how far we have come from being the animals ourselves in the way in which we will treat it .

    The story can be found at and clicking on first the news tab and then
    on the right of the page


    The second link is complete with story and photo of the body in a freezer , I viewed it very early Thursday morning in the Am but now the site seems to be flooded with hits so good luck getting a peak of the picture at this time .

    They are suppose to be having a full press release on Friday the 15th , tomorrow morning after having several experts examine the body .