Are MRE's worth the money?

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    I see those ads all the time selling months, or years worth of MREs. are they worth the price they usually advertise? are any of them any good? and how long do MREs last?

    or should I just stick with stocking up on rice, and canned goods, and other non-perishables?
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    MREs are convenient, complete meal packages, but I don't think they're a great value.

    I have eaten ten year old MREs and they were still good.



    MRE Worth?

    Hello all


    MRE, they are No Longer cheap, No longer legal to Buy (NEW TAN ONES Have warning printed right on pack, Not for re-sale) and plus they were never a good $ value! They are easy to use, convient, but you can do a lot by making your own Version with Snall Snack Items and smaller canned item sealed in a thick plactic! Newer Troop meals are Exactly that! In the end, if you like them, use them, if your looking for a Value per cost, they are not a value!

    RON L
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    Consider them a TV dinner with 5 year shelf life. They are a meal but you can build a better and cheaper one with a little preplanning. I quit buying them at $3 each and they are quite a bit more than that now. As pointed out military surplus MREs are not for resale, but commercially packaged knock offs are widely available at $75 per case of 12 or more. That's just too much for me.
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    Ron, I hate to tell you this, buddy, but the label has absolutely nothing to do with legality. It is a statement about marketing.
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    your right i have one of 2 contracts so i get the overage by the pallet if i was unable to resell them because of the label the contract wouldn't be worth getting

    but sense i sold my store i now only sell to friends and members of my site $40 a case 12 per case that broken down to per meal and its less then a value meal

    hello GM thanks for the email
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    Only if you are very hungry!:D


    mres, LEGAL?



    I hate to tell you, at a show in NC, they arrested a dealer for selling them, and a few fellows that bought cases of them, when they refused to turn them in, they arrested them as well? Only going on what I saw and was in the paper, you can take your chance if you'd like? I buy and sell and to me, they are far not worth the $ and the chance! Just my .02 cents, but due to taxes and fee's now I charge .09? LOL You can feel free to do with you like, just rying to pass on a word of warning, so that you won't be leaving your local show in cuffs? As well E-bay sellers after Katrina made the news, FEDS arrested a STATE TROOPER and a LT (RESERVE) in theguard for selling them on the e-bay and gun broker sites! Not sure if bidders lost thier $ or not? On E-bay the $ was forfited!
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    Better than MRE

    Stock up on flour, beans, rice, pasta, etc. Pressure can your meats, and fresh veggies. Put up one years supply of chow like all good Mormans do. Buy a small aux power source, wood stove with sufficient cordage to get you through the winter, chain saw, splitting mall, and ax. Sufficient fuel with stabal added. A good rifle and reloading kit with sufficient powder, bullets, brass, and caps to get you through however long that is. If you look around your home and take inventory of all the items that require power from the grid think about replacing these items with things you can use to get the same job done without the grid. Above all do not tell anyone about your program.
    I live in northern B.C. Canada and have done all of these things as most of us up here have that live in the bush. There could be weeks with -40 below and 3 feet of snow where you can't get to town and you better be prepared or you don't make it.
    Cheers: Eaglesnester
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    The life span of MRE's depends entirely on where and how they are stored.

    The optimum temperature for MRE's is 50° to 55° F.
    They will store for years at this optimum temp.

    The reasoning behind this is the military stores it's stragic reserves in old quarry shafts underground where the temp is a stead 52° to 58° year round, depending on the depth of the mine and what the mine was dug into...
    (salt, limestone, basalt, ect.)

    At normal room temperatures, 72° to 80° F., MRE's are only good for about two years.
    The life span goes down dramatically if the temps get above 80° F.
    Millions of MRE's have spoiled in the middle east because of the heat. Usually 5 days above 90° will ruin a MRE.

    Most MRE suppliers will have storage charts showing the proper temps and durations at those temps.

    As for your first question and some of the replies to it,
    No, I personally don't think MRE's are worth the money...
    They are way too expensive for the calories, and require the same storage & handling as home canned food or commercial canned food, which is both better tasting and better for you.

    Not only single vegetables and single meats, but you can home can or purchase stews and soups.
    If weight is your concern, look into Dehydration.
    Dehydrated soups are extremely light, live a long time and are relatively inexpensive.
    (compare Raimen noodles to MRE's and you will get the point really quickly!)

    Tuna and Pork come in metal foil packaging now, cutting down on waste and weight.

    For the guys that preach 'Flour, Honey, Water, Bibles & Bullets'...
    They should try eating that crap sometime!
    Flour & water make paste!
    Add honey, and you have a sticky, rancid paste!

    The poster above had part of it right,
    Do like the Mormons...
    They don't store 'Staples', they have a well stocked pantry.
    Stuff they normally eat, baked beans, Green beans, ect.
    Lots of stews and soups canned, Every vegetable they can grow, and a few in commercial cans they can't grow.
    Buy in case lots, mix things up, buy and can when in season or on sale.

    Keep a well stocked pantry with EVERYTHING you eat now.

    Don't forget to get some way to purify water!
    And if you use chemical treated water, stock up on something that will help with the taste!
    If you have pregnant women, small children or old people you will be responsible for, boiling water is really the only safe way for them.
    These people listed above should NEVER be given chemical treated water!
    So, unless you have UV or Ozone purification ahead of time... Boiling is your only option, And boiling is EXPENSIVE on resources!

    Don't forget things like Hygiene products, multi-vitamins, medications for common ailments, ect.
    Staying healthy will be a primary concern that most people don't recognize until after a survival event...

    When hurricane Andrew blew away most of south Fla. baby diapers, baby formula, womens sanitary napkins, and things like socks & shoes were in great demand.

    When the tornadoes blew away our home town, it was the same thing...
    Food was everywhere, it was water, medications, diapers, baby formula, ect. that we couldn't get enough of fast enough...
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    Hard to beat vienna sausages, tuna, Dinty Moore and Campbells. Only way to beat that is with home canned foods.
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    MREs are the nastiest crap that I've ever crammed down my throat. I'd rather try to stave off starvation by eating grass and ants, than have to eat MREs. Nutritionally, they are good for combat, but that is it. They are high in fat and sodium.

    You might try looking for some A rations though. They are slightly more palatable than MREs, have the same shelf life and will feed more people.
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    MRE worth the money?

    Depends on how hungry you are!!!