Are mid level power 357's worthwhile?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by circa81, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Rounds like the speer gold dot and the corbon DPX are above what any .38 special can do but doesn't reach the .357 magnum's potential, which is the point of the "magnum" ad the end of it anyway. You can get 600 Lbs out of a 4 inch full power 357 magnum revolver, but it won't be practical for most I would imagine. I'm guessing this would be where the mid level rounds would make sense. But do they really have enough of a power advantage over a 38 special +p to be worthwhile? I heard about these rounds from this article: If anyone's interested in where I'm coming from with this question. Thanks.
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    With the Speer Gold dot at 294 F.P.E(assumably from a 4" barrel),there is no advantage over a 38+P round,with the Cobon DPX you are about 33% higher energy than a 38+P but about 25% lower energy than the full house .357 mag.I see an advantage of a 125gr Corbon DPX at 1,300fps,those numbers indicate very little recoil but still good power,but the Speer Gold dot seems kind of dumb,the only advantage of the Speer would have to be a mental one going around thinking you keep .357's in your gun.

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    You don't want full bore velocity on a 2 legged critter round.

    You want maximum energy transfer, mild penetration. I think the SD ammo companies have got it figured out.
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    It is not so much what is more powerful but what you can shoot well. Bullet placement is more important than power. Lower recoil means faster aimed follow up shots. You do need sufficient power to get the job done. The reduced recoil loads were designed to improve control and allow faster recovery for follow up shots.
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    The last thing you need is a 357 throwing 180gr hp at 1400fps for defence. Thats getting around its full potential. Most any 125gr short barrel load from a 357 is more than many want to shoot from a snubby anyhow. That why many 38+P loads at 1000 to 1299 fps work well enought. Controlable for faster follow up shoots too.