Are Colt AR15s getting harder to find?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by edteach, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. edteach

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    I see most places are out of stock, and the only ones seem to be on gunbroker. So I am guessing we are getting down to the people who bought them several at a time to resell on the secondary market. I was wondering the base models seem to be the ones that are harder to find. I don't mean the 2600 dollar versions but the under 1200 buck ones. LE ect. Are prices going up for them? I have not been to a gun show for a long time so I am not really sure what is happening after Colt stopped selling them.
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  2. Txhillbilly

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    Well,Colt did stop producing AR's for the civilian market,so they might be harder to find. There are many other top brands that IMO are a better quality firearm than a Colt for around the same price.

  3. W.T. Sherman

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    just by curiosity I cruised a few auction site that has COLT ARs, and from what I have found is some of those are gun stores as well as private individual.

    gun stores put them on there because they know they can get far more above what they would sell them for retail...……….translation: KA-CHING

    yeah, unless you have a fetish for the logo of pony on the receiver, there are a ton of ARs out there that are just as good as COLT, for a heck of lot less
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    I agree with Tex! And of course there are those Gun Pirates in the industry that they now think they have Gold in the house. As Tex stated, people will fall victim to that $$$ scam. Not to be the barer of news but the Modern day Colts and not the same Colts as 10 years ago. Not that they are bad guns! They are simply a production line built rifle not precision built by armorers at their bench as some other manufacturers. The only Colt that I have that is worth money and maybe more in the future, is my Original Colt SP-1 in excellent condition. Because some want them for their collection being as old as they are.

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  5. alsaqr

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    Recently came into a NIB Colt 6920 for cheap. Will keep it until the next "they're gonna take our guns" crisis.
  6. hawkguy

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    certainly not an AR expert here.

    but its really interesting how colt went from the "standard" among AR enthusiasts to crap and overpriced so quickly. it seems that politics have more to with this than the product. i can understand hurt feelings, as colt suspending sales to civilians was crap. i still think it was more a business move than political though. reminds me a bit of how a few posters won't buy rugers or call them crap because of their political statements decades ago.

    but i agree that a retail colt price is enough. i sure as heck wouldn't get gouged paying more than the 800-900 they normally commanded, especially used. that said, seems to me they are still the same (civilian) mil spec, well built AR's that everyone was cheer leading for not so long ago. any evidence to suggest otherwise, i haven't really seen.

    but guns that go out of production almost always tend to go up in price. just supply and demand.
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    I bought mine(HBAR) in 1994
    I prefer .30 cal (snob, really) purchased my first HK91 in 1986
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