Are citadels good hand guns

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Ultimate_sig, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Ultimate_sig

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    I have a 1911 sig and love it but treat it like glass cause it was so damn expensive. Im looking for a cheap 1911 that I can deck out and drop and not care. Im going to throw wilson parts and a compinsator on it...would this be a good gin for that
  2. theropinfool

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    My friend and I ran the first 50 rounds through his citadel 1911 last night. It was actually a sweet little gun. It had a few feeding issues, the rounds seemed like they had to be in the mag just right when you close the slide. But no other issues. My other buddy has a $1300 Kimber custom eclipse, and you can defiantly tell a big difference, but for the money, it was sweet. Now I want one. I'm not even a handgun guy. Long range rifles in my thing, but a nice little gun.