Are "7.65 Agrentine" and "7.65 x 53" the same round?

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    I've got an old bolt action Mauser marked "7.65 Argentine". While looking thru some reloading manuals I have found something called "7.65 Belgium" which I THINK may be the same as the "Argentine" (not sure). And now, I have also run across "7.65 x 53". Does anyone know the facts? Thanks.
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    Those are really sweet old rifles. I have the 1909 version, and I make cases from shortened .30-06 MilSurp brass.

    Never owned the 1891, but I've had the opportunity to shoot a couple of them and I kinda wish i had one of them as well.

    Which version do you have?
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    Mine is an 1891 model. It was a gift from an old Marine Corps buddy. I know VERY little about it and have yet to shoot it. It has newer sights on it, and the "barrel" (meaning the barrel and chamber combined) measures about 22 1/2 inches from the opening of the port to end of the muzzle. The wood stock ends (in the front) where the barrel diameter "steps down" to a smaller diameter. Almost feels like a carbine. That's about all I know at this point, which isn't much.
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    Listen to these guy, they know what they are talking about !........By the way here is a 7.65 Belgium..........

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    According to Lee the Argentine 7.65 is the 7.65X53. Power level is about the same as the 300 Savage.
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    While I'm new to reloading, I'm FASCINATED by the idea of making my own brass. As it is, the only brass I've found is made by Norma, more than $1.50 EACH case, and on back order. For the record, I don't reload to save money (actually, I'm spending lots of money ..LOL) I'm doing it for the joy of it. Since I stopped playing with old cars, reloading helps scratch my "mechanical itch". I've only reloaded a few thousand pistol rounds and just started making my first bottleneck (.223) rounds. I enjoy the learning curve.
    I've thought about startiing a thread entitled "Project Argentine" where I could share the experience of making brass by "conversion" of brass of another caliber. my idea is to write the thread fom the perspective of a new reloader and that perhaps it (the thread) could serve as resource to other newbies or even to more experienced reloaders who are "converting" cases for the first time. I did a search of this Forum and did not find much info...of course I may have done a poor job of searching. I'm hoping there are others on the Forum (read more experienced) who might be willing to help and guide me in this endeavor.

    So.....I shall begin my search for knowledge. I'm looking to convert .30-06 cases into 7.65 Agentine Mauser (also known as 7.65 Belgian Mauser or 7.65 x 53). Can anyone direct me to websites, articles, books I could read, etc so that I may learn how it is done....and then do it?