Are 7.62x54r and 7.62x53r the same?

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    I want to know if you can shoot 7.62x54mmR in a Finnish M39 (uses 7.62x53mmR). I've been told you can, that the "53" used in the Finnish ammo is just their specific way of measuring. I don't believe that, but I thought I'd double check before I go off and do it.
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    7.62x53mmR - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Use this to deside if you can safly shoot it as you are talking about.

    The 7.62x53r is actualy 1mm shorter then the 7.62x54r

    The 7.62x53mmR is practically interchangeable with the 7.62x54mmR, the 54R will fit into the smallest allowed chamber size for the 53R, but is nevertheless a different cartridge made to different C.I.P. standards. Using military steel-jacketed 54R Russian ammunition in weapons made for 53R Finnish is not recommended, as it may rapidly wear out the barrel. Even worse, there is a possibility that the resulting pressure from the steel-jacketed larger diameter bullet is too much and firing it may result in severe damage to both the rifle and the shooter. Using the 53R Finnish in a rifle made for the 54R Russian is however safe, although it may result in accuracy well below the weapon's potential.

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    The 7.62x54r is the russian designation while the 7.62x53r is the Finnish. Yes they are interchangeable. The only warning is that with the Finnish rifles, their bores are sometimes a lot closer to .308 rather than .311 or .312. Slug your bore to make sure that you are using the correct diameter ammo. Lapua commercial ammunition is listed as 7.62x53r/54r. Lapua uses the .308 bullet.
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    Finnish design Mosin Nagant.

    If there is "D" on bolt action frame, you can to use longer bullets withouth harm.

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