Arcus 98DAC

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  1. KalashnikovJosh

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    Looking into getting one of these soon.:)
    They are a Bulgarian Hi-Power clone.
    They run for around $300 bucks,the compact version comes with 2 13 round mags and the full size comes with 2 15 rounders.You can use standard Hi-Power mags in the compact version.
    I want the compact.

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  2. NGIB

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    The link you posted to Gunweek doesn't work. Personally, I never put any stock in gun magazine reviews as they make their money from advertisers. Never forget that with guns as with anything else - you get what you pay for.

    Even though it's only $300 - I'd do a lot of research on this one...

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    Well, have you tested it out yet? Let us know how it functions!!
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    Century International Arms is the exclusive importer of Arcus pistols.

    It doesn't appear that the shipment of these new HP clones have arrived yet.

    CIA Home Page

    Three models; Duo-tone compact, Blue and Blue compact.

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  5. KalashnikovJosh

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    Sorry about that link,but it seems to work for me-anyone else have any trouble with it?

    Heres another magazine review-

    A Hard Look At The Arcus Pistol

    I highly doubt Arcus is paying them all to do favorable reviews....but on that note,I have a friend who has one.It probably isnt fair that I failed to mention this in the original post,but I've shot it and it was one of those 'gems'.I really liked it.
    What Arcus did was simply clone an already outstanding design,they tweaked it a bit-but so far the Arcus is getting good reviews from everywhere I've read about them.

    In the article that the link you cant use points to,it mentions "that Arcus is fully certified under ISO 9001-2000 and NATO AQAP 2110 quality standards."

    I dont really know what that means,but if its good enough for the military,its certainly good enough for me.

    But you know what-I hate that saying "you get what you pay for".
    Anyone whos ever bought tennis shoes knows better.
    You can pay thru the nose for the 200 dollar nikes with some athletes endorsement,or you can buy the 50 dollar sports brand that doesn't try to sell shoes for 20 times their worth by justifying the extra cost with a name brand and some guys signature.(And maybe even a silly little air pump thingy on the tongue-remember those?)
    And both pairs always tend to last the same........

    Also,anyone whos ever bought a good milsurp firearm can testify that this sentiment is just as sound in the 'gun world'.
    For example-I paid less than 100 bucks for a Mosin Nagant M44 carbine -all matching numbers,excellent bore,beautiful stock,smooth action (as far as Mosins go);vintage 1946 or so- I paid more for the long eye relief pistol scope than the rifle(!)-and I have a decent 'poor mans' scout rifle' that pretty much fits the bill Jeff Cooper wrote for the 'scout' concept in all but maybe 1 item-heavier than a 'true' scout rifle,cause I kept the original stock.
    I paid maybe 300 bucks.
    Its functional,reliable,and accurate.

    How much is that Steyr Scout?

    How much is a Makarov compared to a Walther PPK?

    I'm not bashing on anyones preferences here-but sometimes cost does not equal quality.

    I'll most certainly do careful thinking before I go off and spend $300 bucks on something,but ao far I believe Arcus is a good deal......
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  6. NGIB

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    Sorry you took offense as I was just saying be careful - ask yourself if parts will be available in 2-5 years. I chuckled when I saw your link of a Gunblast review as they have never said anything bad about ANY gun EVER.

    For about the same money you can get a S&W Sigma or a Ruger P95 - both very proven platforms...
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  7. KalashnikovJosh

    KalashnikovJosh New Member

    I'm not really offended-not personally anyway.
    I just find serious error in the 'you get what you pay for' quip.
    Its just not always true.
    Of course,anyone is free to have their own opinion to the contrary.
    Its probably a perfectly sensible notion to some folks.

    I just want to make it clear as to why I disagree with it so it doesn't seem like I'm speaking out of my arse.
    There are plenty of good deals out there and there are also rip-offs,and yes I will be as careful as I can before I spend my hard earned money.
    Its good advice for any purchase over $20 bucks these days.....

    No offense taken,none meant.:)

    Sigmas are not my style.
    I,personally,hate plastic-framed handguns.
    I find,for me,their balance to be horrid.They almost always seem to feel extremely 'top heavy' in the hand,rather than the balanced feel of an all-steel pistol.
    And the double whammy of the sigma is that terrible two peice glock style trigger.I cant stand those either.

    In my world,Glocks just dont exist.......

    I had a Ruger P95DC.
    I liked it,it was a decent piece-but the plastic was a turn off.So I traded it.

    The Arcus pistols have been in-country since 1994,I'm sure they'll be here for another 2-5 years at least - and people are saying you can use Hi-Power parts in them-at least the full size single actions.
    Parts probably wont be much of a problem.

    Its a Hi-Power clone.Made in Bulgaria instead of Hungary.
    Its a little different than the average Hi-Power,but its still,at its core,a Hi-Power.

    And nothing 'feels' like a Browning-designed pistol,of which the Hi-Power is my personal favorite.
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  8. skullcrusher

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    It really means nothing relating to the actual quality of anything. Those are quality control tracking methods that have been adopted by many European and Asian companies that requires a manufacturer to follow certain procedures starting with the time raw material enters the shop and a finished product leaves. A company gets ISO certified by paying an audit group to come in and make sure they follow their procedures. Everything is checked off, signed off and flow through certain steps along the process. In order for some manufactures to be able to do business with as many other companies worldwide, they may have to have the shop certified, and then the paperwork audited a couple of times a year. It does not guarantee quality of anything, including the materials being used to manufacture a product. The military uses some ISO certified manufacturers, but it is not necessary to be ISO certified to do business with the military.
  9. KalashnikovJosh

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    Thanks for the clarification.
    I wasnt sure what that meant,but I saw that 'NATO quality standards' stuff and figured I'd be getting a better deal than a straight up 'junk gun'.
    I do know that imported firearms have to meet some standards that domestic products do not,at least last time I checked on 'gun laws' that was the deal.
    And thats not to say that domestic product is shoddy,quite the opposite I would think that domestically produced guns have to be commercially successful or they would not sell,or worse yet-get a bad reputation and even give the company making them that poor reputation.
    But thats not to stop disreputable people from making pot-metal guns and selling them cheap.

    I just know that sort of thing cant be (knowingly) imported.

    Arcus has been around for awhile,and I haven't seen anything really disparaging about their quality,so I'm really not that concerned with quality issues to that extent.

    Now,will Arcus stand behind their product?
    What will customer service be like?

    Sometimes,thats what your paying for when you buy the higher dollar stuff,but sometimes even then the higher dollar stuff is still not backed up the way it should be.Some more economically priced stuff also has excellent customer service.

    Here is Arcus' website-

    It looks like they make grenade launchers,mortars,fuses,and ordinance as well.

    I'm just glad one of my best friends is a gunsmith.

    It was his Arcus that I fell head over heels with and decided I had to have one of my own.

    By the way skullcrusher-love the quote......
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