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    The last I have heard they have pass on doing this now in town instead will practice drill in a tent town.I'am about an hour away.There still alot of ???? about this.I've talk to person who has a good ear to the story and just some many takes.I think a few people started the idea inside the guard and it change into this national news story that had some merrit and some BS mixed in for effect.
    Main thing is as far as I last heard it was not taking place and That the idea was started on a local level.(that the way I heard) It was from a good source and I believe it to be true.
    No gun drill would every go over good and the media had a field here.I can understand the guard wanting to be ready for the sand box.It's was just not a good idea or really bad timing.Anyway this is the last I have heard.
    Guns and media don't mix well, add the general public and you have a powder keg with a lit fuse.Blummer
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