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    What's the best 3 brands of AR15, and why ? Add prices and effective range? What's a good bullet and grain ??
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    Zack- you need to go do some reading. The effective range of a firearm is, within limits, determined by the caliber and barrel length. Since a goodly part of the AR family is the same caliber, same barrel length, you are not going to find a difference.

    Now go do some reading first- then come back with specific questions.

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    IMHO, among the mass produced AR-15, the Colt stands head and shoulders above the others. Some of the smaller makers, such as Knight, LM&T, Wilson, Noveske etc. produce excellent quality weapons as well.

    The economy models like DPMS, Stag, S&W, Bushmaster, RRA, etc make very good good weapons that well serve you well, but the isn't quality isn't quite equal to Colt.

    Just my personal experience, YMMV!

    The best ammo will depend on use. I like M193 ball for practice and M855 ball or Hornady 55 TAP gr for social work.
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    I beg to differ , Colt BCGs are well just adequate , The finish on a few recent colts I have seen well, just adequate. Knight and Noveske are a step above Colt IMHO for fit and finish . Colt has been around forever and your paying for their name anymore . Lots of great equal quality rifles out there for lesser money. Well there used to be anyway :D