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    I'm trying to get myself an AR15 for under 1000 dollars, and have several ideas of how to do this. The first is to buy a used gun, but I don't know the laws for buying guns online or from other people, plus I'd rather have new parts. The alternative that I'm more fond to at the moment is to buy parts. Now there's a couple of things I need to know to do this; first, what are the rules for buying parts online? Are there certain parts that are harder or illegal to get? i.e. barrel.

    Also, I have a full metal M4 electric airsoft gun by ArmaLite so I was thinking that I would be able to take a few parts from this and put it into a newly constructed gun- stock, lots of lower parts, rails...all the ascetics. But This might not even be worth it as these are probably the cheapest parts anyways. So any tips on how I could get an AR15 for under 1000 dollars would be much appreciated! Thanks for the time.
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    Check out this thread on the AR-15 Discussion forum. You can come away with a very nice AR-15 for well under $1000.

    You can buy everything you need online. The lower receiver (finished or unfinished) is considered the actual rifle by law, so you will need an FFL to get one online. Or, buy a lower at a local gun store or gun show as you would any other long gun.

    I recommend you be sure of the laws where you live to be sure what you're building is legal for your locale.

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    air soft parts for building a AR...... dam......just when you think you heard it all up pops....well......nm
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    a stripped lower can be bought and shipped to your ffl for $100 + shipping and transfe.

    complete parts kits, less lowere, can be found for under $500 and be shipped right to your door.

    it all depends on what your looking for.