AR15 vs. Mini 14 Taget

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by shoez, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Ok, I've been pestering you guys about AR's and Mini 14's for a while, and I am now leaning AR, but the Mini 14 Target rifle is interesting and about the same money. I have gotten to the point of reading crap on the net, that I am almost scared to buy either one. Does anyone have the new Mini 14 TARGET model (not standard mini's)and how does it shoot? Or will a S&W or Rock River AR out shoot it pretty easy? Little did I know that these rifles were kind of like 1911's, seems like you have to spend $700 plus and then spend money to make them shoot. I need to quit reading so much:mad:
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    As much as I like mini 14s,for pure accuracy/versatility standpoint,I would go with a ar and never look back. I have gotten minis to shoot as well as full target ars,but it involved rebarreling,installing adjustable gas blocks,and extensive trigger reworking.

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    I have never see the target mini 14, but I do have a RR AR with 2 uppers. I biught the heavy varmint model and then a lite weight upper. Both uppers are flat tops without frount sights, and both are very good shooters. For accury and function I can highly recommand the RR. If you don`t like the AR look, get an upper with the frount sight and put a scope on it.
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    Years ago, I think the Mini-14 was the more accurate rifle. But now so many serious target shooters are using the AR-15, and putting really good scopes on it, that most ARs are being built for accuracy.

    Besides the AR looks "cool" and the Mini-14 looks practical-- like an SKS.

    Here's a pic of a really cool AR-15 rifle.