AR15 sling and scope mount suggestions?

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    Working on building my first AR and was curious about a few things.

    What kind of sling would you guys recommend? I am leaning towards a single point/double point, but I am open to anything, I want something with a slight tactical look and function, but not too mall ninja-esque.:p Preferably in FDE or a similar color, but black is ok.

    I would also like to have a decent quick release scope mount that will hold zero, anything out there on a budget?

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    I use Burris Xtreme rings. The rings/ mount are not so called quick detach but hold pretty steady and tight. Hold my Nikon Prostaff scope zero whenever i take it on/off. I bought it for $48 back in february. I guess they raised the price a lil bit.
    Also each ring has 4 screws to hold the scope which means they hold it real good regardless how big is the recoil or shakes.
    Sling... Magpul MS3 QD?

    Here it looks like on my AR

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