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    Hello guys,

    I have a quick question for all of you. Has any of you here ever made any major purchases from E2 Armory? Their site has these high quality parts and the reviews seem pretty good from what I can see. I'm a simple guy, though, so what do I know?

    Their prices make me happy, though, comin' in at slightly lower than what I'm used to seeing. I'm looking for some of y'all's reviews, though, because why would I want reviews from their site? Anybody got any experience here? I would like to hear from my trusted fellow community members.

    Also who has the best gun oil on the market right now? I wanna slap some of that stuff on my new build the second I get all of my parts together.

    Thank you and god bless you all.
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    In today's competitive marketplace there isnt a whole lot of room for bad vendors, they dont stick around.
    So in general almost all vendors left are decent.
    It also seems like they make quite a few of their parts in-house which explains their good prices.
    So while I have never used them, but I would feel comfortable with ordering.
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    Thank you my dude!
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