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AR15 low profile rail screws/t-nuts

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Hi there, I have an AR with a Midwest Industries combat rail one piece free float hand guard on it. I was planning on mounting a suppressor, but the internal diameter of the hand guard is pretty tight, and while the suppressor fits, I have a light and a switch mounted up front, and the rail screws for the t-nut are a tiny bit too long and won’t let the suppressor pass. I was wondering if you guys knew of any solutions for this, perhaps a low profile screw/T-nut set? Thanks so much!
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@mikeffils - Welcome to the site. Please wander over to the Introductions section and tell us a bit about yourself. You will also want to familiarize yourself with this thread (it has good information about the site): So yer new here, huh?, and this thread (our community rules): Community Rules.

We like pictures showing your issue. And also, you might remove one of the screws and measure it.
How much sticks down inside the Handguard and blocks the Suppressor.
And what light do you have?

i had this issue with a gas block on a build this winter , the M-lok t nut would not allow the removal or installation of the handguard when the pic rail was installed first , i ended up installing the handguard first and played cat and mouse with a magnet wand to install the pic rail

i dont believe ther is a "lo Pro T nut" , some are smaller than others , i didnt have anything too far forward
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