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    Got an EOTech for my AR yesterday and took it out to the range today for zeroing in.
    Right out of the box it was almost dead on at 25 yards. I made some slight adjustments and it shot about a 1.5 inch group at 25 yards.
    But at 100 yards it was about 6 inches north of the target.
    Made some slight adjustments again and she was shooting pretty well.
    At about 100 yards I was shooting about a 6-7 inch grouping with 30 rounds. Which isn't too bad since its a 1x scope and I'm not an extremely experienced marksman.

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    That is great! First of all ARs should not be Zeroed at 25 yards. That will certainly cause the 100 yard shots to hit and always be high. At 25 yards the point of impact on the target zeroed for 100 should be somewhere around 2.5 inches lower than the point of aim. What a lot of people say is well I am probably only going to shooting at 25 yards? Maybe not! Zeroing at 50 or 100 will let you hit both close and farther away and dead on at 100 yards. Well if the AR and with quality 55 grain rounds like a Federal, AE or Blackhills bullet zeroed at 50 or 100 you are good for defense from close range and also out to over 225 yards since the bullet flies so flat it will only vary around 3.5 inches plus or minus when aiming right at the target at close range or far 230 yard ranges an example of 3.5 low. The best way to zero your EOTech is first of all it has 1/2 MOA adjustments at 100 yards. 1/4 inch adjustments at 50 yards. If your iron sights are zeroed at 50 or 100 just look through the screen on the Hallo unit at your iron sights. Then dial the EOTech so the 1 MOA Dot rests exactlly on top of your iron front sight post and in the center. You will be very close for final adjustments. That is if your irons are zeroed at 50 or 100. But from a good rest you should be able to get much better groups with good ammunition. And your best groups will be produced with the Reticle brightness turned down *just so you can see the 1 MOA Dot. If it is too bright more open groups will occur from experience. Great choice and nice weapon.:)

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    I sighted my EOTech in at 100 yards, but I also have the EOTech magnifier. After two adjustments I put 6 rounds in less than a 2" group. Without the magnifier I wouldn't have been able to get this group at that distance, so a 6-7" group with just the red dot sounds pretty good to me. I've got a 20" barrel on my AR and that also helps.

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