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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by shoez, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. shoez

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    OK, let's talk group size. All other discussions aside, like what gun is better than the other, this one has cool tactical stuff, blah,blah,blah, I want to know what kind of real world groups you guys are shooting.

    So, let me know, what size group, yardage, gun brand and barrel length, and ammo used. And don't tell me you shot 2" groups offhand at 50 yards and say it shoots great.:p I can do that with a wore out M44 Nagant and surplus ammo. And on the flip side please spare me the "I shot a 1" group at 300 yards offhand with my carbine using wolf ammo". :D I am looking for honest groups. When I finally buy an AR, it will be for precision target shooting, similar to bolt gun accuracy. I need to hear from people who aren't trying to sell me a gun to let me know how they really shoot.
  2. bkt

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    100yds 1.5" group with Remington UMC 55gr fmj. Barrel is 14" chrome-lined 1:9 twist. My rifle is NOT designed to be a precision tack driver.

    A match-grade AR is a very different rifle and you will get far better results.

  3. Righteous

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    if i want real accuracy the scope on my Bushmaster can keep them in a quarter size hole @ 100 yrds, add half inch or so to that shooting without the scope and on a bench, cant hold steady to much free hand nowdays.
  4. slowryde45

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    any particular caliber ?

    For longer range (100 and up), I have a few that are set up for different calibers.

    In 5.56/.223, with a 20" barrel, 1:8 twist, using 69-75gr ammo, and with a scope, it's pretty easy to keep MOA out to 200 yards, and on a good day, push it out to 300 yds. If I put on the 24" upper, 1:8 twist, same ammo, with scope, 5-600 yd MOA is possible under the right conditions, and even under less than desirable conditions, you can still get 1.5 MOA, assuming you do your part, too.

    For more power at those long ranges, look into 6.5 Grendel, .260 Remington,
    .308, even the .300 Whisper. Again, assuming you do your part, sighting, breathing, trigger control, you should be pretty close, even with, and sometimes beat bolt action accuracy. If I need to reach out and farther and touch something...that's what the .338 Lapua is for ;)
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    100yrd grouped about 2.5" not trying all that hard and using the CHEAP Monarch Academy 55gr rounds. No chrome 16" barrel not counting the FH. Using Red Dot with no magnification.

    Next time out I plan on focusing more on the 100yrd than the 55yrd target.