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Here are they ratings and IMO not impressive!
Overview From the Internet
Davidson Defense INC. has a consumer rating of 2.49 stars from 65 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Davidson Defense INC. most frequently mention customer service problems. Davidson Defense INC. ranks 9th among Guns Other sites. Quality 25 out of 100.
This company does not typically respond to reviews
Positive reviews (last 12 months): 22.2%, of 100%

Rock River Arms Inc. is my favorite go to. They have excellent great products, excellent customer service. And all thier Rifles, Uppers and Custom 1911 pistols have been built at a Bench by skilled people. Test fired on the Gun Range reinspected cleaned and shipped to the customer. The complete uppers and all have been test fired on slave lowers also at the Range. In addition all checked for proper Head Space with the Chamber and Bolt! And their 2 Stage National Match Triggers are hard to beat and have a lighting fast reset. There are other good companies out there so before you buy from anyone check their reviews. IMO Davidsons fails in most all categories,


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I have bought several billet uppers from this guy in Minnesota: Total and no complaints.
He also sells his billet uppers to other manufacturers, and they sell them at a much higher price!
And If you watch Primary Arms over in Houston, you can also pick up some deals every once in a while.
Last November they had Willow Defense uppers for $35, and I snagged one for my 7.62x39 build, as I wanted a forward assist on it.

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Before I make my suggestion I would first ask what your experience level is with the AR platform? If you know your way around it fairly well and can do basic work and maintenance, then I'd suggest Bear Creek Arsenal and Palmetto State Armory if you're on a limited budget.

A lot of people will scoff at those places as they are the cheaper brands, but they do stand behind their products. If you buy a BCA upper and have problems with it, they'll RMA it and either fix it or replace it. I have 4 builds using BCA uppers (I buy my stripped lowers locally and parts and build my own lowers). None have had any issues, they all function well and are tack drivers. In fact, I'd put a couple of them up against the pricey stuff any day. My 300 Blk pistol is a PSA and it has functioned flawlessly. You won't beat BCA's prices. PSA is a little pricier and a small step up in fit and finish, but functionally, BCA and PSA have been spot on for me.
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