AR supressors, choices?

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    I have left New York in my rear view mirror and have returned to North Carolina. I can proudly shoot and use my AR now, so to make her feel better about hiding in the basement for six months and contemplating grinding off the bayonet lug, I am going to start the supressor process.

    where to start?

    what are price ranges and recommendations?

    pics and owners sound off please
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    Decide which route you want to take, by Trust or the complicated way (fingerprints, signed by LEO and photographs). Either way use form 4, $200 money order and 6 months of waiting.

    I chose the Trust way. I'm still waiting for the Tax Stamp to gets back. Hopefully sometimes in September. It's the YHM Phantom 3500 SS QD. It costed me <$600.

    Check out your local Class 3 dealers or (Dave). He is a nice guy to deal with.
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    Forming a Revocable Living Trust for your NFA items is a very good idea.
    A local dealer used Quicken Willmaker to create mine for free & then I got it notorized. State laws vary, so be sure of what's allowed in your state. Find a dealer that has it in stock so you don't end up waiting even longer for approval.

    I went with an AAC M4-2000. It's FA rated and attaches via the Blackout flashhider/mount, which is ususally attached with Rocksett so it won't go any where. It uses a ratchet type mounting system so it's easy to get it on/off quickly & you don't have to worry about it loosening up during mag dumps. You can put additional mounts on different 5.56 hosts, so it's not dedicated to one weapon.



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    I have a YHM QD Titanium and love it!!!! My AR sounds like I'm shooting a .22lr.