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    okay, this is what i would like to do. now does anyone know if this is possible..

    i want to have iron sights and a scope on my AR. now. i know you can have this, however all i can find only allows iron sights usage with removal of scope. i was hoping for being able to shoot with my rion sights, raise my head slightly and shoot using my scope. in other words. both sights functional simultaneously. any ideas?
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    Wat kind of scope r u wanting? On my M4 i use the factory A1 front sight, use a midwest industries flip up rear sight, and have an Eotech scope. I like this configuration because i have my Eotech when i want it and when i want my iron sights i flip up the rear and i can still see them through my EOtech. If ur wanting a ranged scope u could probably use a riser

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    Here is a couple of pics, one with the rear sight down and one with it up
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    im a big fan of the A1/A2 fixed carry handle for a do it all rifle. a see thru picatiny scope base screwed onto the handle with a dot scope or a small fixed power is the do it all solution. dont have to worry about the sights hanging up stuff or whether your front and rear is compatable.

    just my opinion.
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    This is probably the best option for what you want to do. Many of the carry handle scope mounts have the see-thru option that allows you to use your iron sights and have a scope mounted at the same time. It can be a fixed carry handle or a removeable one depending on whether you have an A2 or A4 type AR. Here's a link for what type of mount to look for:

    ProMag AR-15 Carry Handle Scope Mount
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    I couldn't find an example of this setup. While at a Police demonstration, I was using a
    tactical AR with an ACOG on the top and iron sights at a 45° to the right. If your
    scope fails, you rotate your gun and use the Irons. Anyone know what i'm talking about?

    This might be a part used but i doubt it:
    AR-15/M16 45-DEGREE ANGLE MOUNT - Brownells