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    Hi Guys, I'm new to the site but not to Ar's I'm finishing a build now that all I have left to do is put a sight on it. I was hoping y'all could help me with some suggestions. The Rifle is...

    Roggio Arsenal Stripped Lower
    RRA Parts Kit
    Magpul Ctr Stock
    AR 5.7 Upper..for something different

    I'm a little tight on funds and not looking to drive the 5.7 x 28 round past 100 yards. So Trijicon is out for now:) This is the space constraint I'm working with as well due to the upper using PS 90 mags
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    I found a used Aimpoint M68 (comp M2) on another site for under $200. I dont have the guys info anymore but if you look around the AR site people chat about him. My point being is I love the Aimpoint. It has worked very well for me from 30 - 100 yards. Later when you get more money then you can pick up a 3X magnafier and have more versitilaty. This is what I did to my carbine. On the other hand, for my long barreled AR I found a Bushnell Banner 3-9 x50 for $75 on ebay. It does not have the target turrits, but it is clear, and very sharp. Just some things I have found that work and dont cost a fourtune.

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    The first question is Glass or Dot? With glass you will get more precision. If you are looking to make accurate shots go glass. When you decide to go glass, go as nice (expensive) as you can afford. You will not be disappointed. A lower power (2-7X) may be a good idea.

    With dot, you get faster target aquisition. Holo sights and tube dots have slightly different characteristics. EOTech and C-More are two of the top brands of holo sights. EOTech "looks" more rugged and has many options, especially for batteries. You can get a AA version or a CR123 version. The circle/crosshair/dot reticle of the EOTech is very fast. C-More has different sized dot modules you can choose from and change out if you wish. The C-More "looks" more fragile but I have had the scout scope for about 8 years and it is holding up great! The C-More uses a tiny little battery but I have only had to change mine once in 8 years.
    Aimpoint is the premier tube sight. As stated before, the Aimpoint is the top tube sight. It also has the versatility of adding a magnifier.

    If cost is a major concern, I have had pretty good results with the BSA holo sights and tube sights. They use disc batteries that are pretty easy to find but don't last as long as the others (but still have pretty reasonable life). BSA makes two different Holo sights. One has 4 different reticles and one has four different size dots. The multi reticle version is pretty cool for under $50.
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    i put a bsa 4 reticle on my bushy carying handle was in the same boat didnt have alot of cash for an eotech and like it . for shooting longer distances i remove the carry handle and mount a nikon 3x9x40 scope with bullet drop comp using quick disconnect mounts picked it up off of ebay for 129 shipped new optics are better than the bushnel 3x9x50 banner i have on my 300mag