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  1. SkilletFan24

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    So I've noticed that my AR has much more muzzle flip than my friends AR. He has a stag arms rifle and I built mine. We're both using A2 flash hiders so I don't see why mine is worse about muzzle flip. Anybody know why this could be the case?

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  2. Axxe55

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    weight of the rifles? buffer weights? buffer springs? could be several things.

  3. Sniper03

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    As Axxe stated there could be a lot of reasons. Do you have a skinny barrel. Most Stags like Rock River and others have barrels that are actually heavier under the hand guard.
    If the rifle uses an auto carrier instead of one that has been almost totally cut out on the bottom like some of the Colt Carriers and Bushmaster Carriers. Then Buffer weight, there are four different weights normally in them Standard, H-1, H-2, H-3. Your Friend no doubt has a Mil-Spec rated Buffer Spring in it. Also there are piston type buffers. Some Stock Kits have a weaker Buffer Springs which can generate more recoil (Slap). Then what handguard does the rifle have.
    Small CAR Handguard, CAR M-4 Handguard, Free Float Aluminum or Quad Rail all varies the weight as Axxe stated. So a picture of his weapon and yours would be great if you can post them.
    Finally ammunition can make a slight difference. Military ammunition is hotter than commercial ammunition as a rule.
  4. KG7IL

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    Stock Placement, Stock Design can also influence recoil.
    If the center of force against your shoulder is lower than the bore axis (center of force for recoil) then rotation is a result.

    Essentially the same as my diagram for a handgun.

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  5. fsted2a

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    My suggestion, if your friend will work with you, is to swap uppers with him, and use the same ammo you have been using. Next, I would use the same brand ammo as your friend. Keep going about the process of elimination until you find your culprit. When I test fire a new build, I bring an extra AR just in case so I can narrow down the culprit.
  6. SkilletFan24

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    Thanks guys. I'll try to swap uppers/lowers with him next time we go shooting. I think the recoil spring could be weak, although I'm not sure. ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1398280423.851947.jpg
    I've since installed a YHM Phantom compensator so I'll see if that affects how it shoots. Also the problem is mostly muzzle rise, and I don't know if the buffer spring being weak could cause that.

    And for my barrel, it's a heavy barrel. Not pencil thin or light like a lot of barrels.

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