ar platform .338 federal vs .308

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by powg, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. powg

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    Was wondering about the armalite ar-10 in the relatively new .338 federal. I find that the people in the forums are more in the know than alot of articles in gun magazines,and talk shows like gun talk because of literary and compensated bias . In yalls opinion is this cartridge gonna last ? Im never gonna hunt anything bigger than an elk what the practical advantage over the .308 ?
  2. Dillinger

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    Kind of apples and baseballs here to be honest. :eek:

    The .338 Federal has a .33 caliber bullet in the .308's case, so the cross section of the round is broader, meaning this is not a long range cartridge, it's a short range, brush cutting, animal thumper.

    Proprietary, heavy drop at the 300yd to 400yd range ( which is excessive in any responsible hunters' toolkit in my opinion ) and with only 5 years under it's belt.......

    I'd pass and look at the .30-06 with the ability to load, or buy loads, across a vast spectrum of rounds that will kill anything in North America.

    That's just one guys' opinion though....


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    Given the choice Id go w/ .308
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    Not enough case capacity to run the bigger .338 bullets. .308 barely holds enough to run 160ish grain bullets effectively. Of course thats with hunting in mind. Both rounds are waaaaay more than enough for sd use. 5.56 is plenty good for sd.

    338 federal would be ridiculous expensive to buy off the shelf. 308 is bad enough already. You would be confined to loading your own.

    If your hunting get a bolt gun chambered in 30-06