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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by getem2011, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. getem2011

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    I will be traveling to MO to do some pistol hunting this December and need advice on what choice I should go with. I shoot lots of pistols but know I want to be using my 4 inch 1911's for taking down deer. I have narrowed it down to:

    1) Ar pistol in .50 Beowulf

    2) Ar pistol in 7.62x39

    3) CVA scout type pistol in .243

    I would ideally like to purchase this week because of the sales going on.

    Any Scope suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well!

    thanks a lot guys.
  2. Seargent_York

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    You can also get 300 blackout in an AR pistol. A decent selection of hunting tipped rounds available (I use Barnes). Best part about this round, you get a full burn inside of 9" so lots of deer knockdown power for a short barrel.

    Choice between 7.62 x 39 or 300 acc in a pistol I'd take 300 acc every time. Same BCG, receiver, magazines all interchangeable w 5.56mm by the way

  3. sigman84

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    I would second the 300blk. It's a light recoil round that still has muzzle energy between 5.56 and 7.62X39.
  4. Sasquatch

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    Make that 3 votes for 300 blackout. Should finish up building mine tomorrow and can't wait to get it out in the woods.