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So I have been building a custom AR lower and I'm almost ready to purchase the upper and finish it. My issue is for less than my upper I can buy a complete AK, furthermore the price of ammo is about half, I could shoot an AK all day and not care about how much I just spent! For the $700-$800 range what would you guys recommend, my friendly local gun store has a CIA for $639. It seems the only thing on an AK that costs more is the mags. Lastly, anyone have an opinion on AK74's?
I wouldn't say ammo is cheaper for the Ak if u just wanna shoot run steel cased ammo thru it . It runs about $5 a box for both calibers. Get it built then save up for the AK. they're say in a shtf scenario you should have both. I always buy some ammo for the caliber I'm looking to buy. Every time I get in the ammo safe it's up front telling me I need that caliber.
my next one will be a AK but I have plenty of ARs to go around and ammo stocked up for it already ;)
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