AR i on the right path?

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    Hey ya'll...
    I've spent the past few months studying about the AR platform and am I going to build one here in a month or two. I was hoping y'all could tell me if I'm going down the right path. There are so many options and I just want to check and see if the parts I'm choosing are good for my purpose. I'm someone who will shoot (maybe) once a week. I don't mind spending a pretty penny for high quality parts. But I don't need the best of the best I know there are certain things to look for. Tell me if I'm right or what you might change...(please). =D

    1. Bolt carrier group would ideally be chrome or nickel boron?
    2. It is ideal to have a chrome lined barrel?
    3. Free floating will allow for better cooling and possibly better accuracy?
    4. You want a forged lower and not a stamped one? (Whatever that means) and ideally aircraft aluminum?
    5. (I don't want to start a nasty debate) with proper cleaning and maintenance, gas is a better system than piston? Or is piston becoming more popular and beneficial? Or does it just not really matter too much? (I understand the difference, I'm just curious to hear what most of y'all chose and if one is really drastically better than the other)
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    1. Buy a quality milspec BCG like BCM. Specs matter. External coatings are secondary, you can chrome plate a turd.
    2. Chrome lined barrels are good but again look at the other specs too.
    3. FF is good but not necessary. Your application will tell you which way to go. If you're a 2-3 MOA type of guy don't FF.
    4. Forged, 7075T6 alloy. Or billet.
    5. DI is fine but decide for yourself. Google will give you hours of reading on this. We have some recent threads on this too.

    6. Have you read the AR Primer sticky?

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    READ MEAR15 primer for beginners. I am the first to admit that its long winded and the author is full of himself, but he does make a few good points.

    1) What's on the inside is more important than on the inside. Especially if you want to use it for a defensive role, insist on a carpenter 158 bolt that is INDIVIDUALLY high pressure and magnetic partical tested. The pretty colors on the outside are secondary. Don't believe the hype. How's that saying go? A pig with lipstick...

    2) Chrome lining is for durability, the trade of is a smidgen of accuracy. Your call.

    3) Q hit it on the head, but I will add that if shoot with one of the newer shooting styles with your support arm extended, you will want to go with a longer forearm.

    4) To my knowledge they don't make stamped receivers for ARs. Maybe you have them confused with AKs as those are commonly stamped. The shape is too complex for stamping.