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    hi well finished my ar ended up with rock river lower and an bushmaster 11.9twist upper

    now i havent shot an ar sense 1987 at that time was sharp shooter with army reserves
    what i shot like today was like i never had shot anything. my question is what is the factory or mechanical zero for ar iron sights anything will help

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    Mechanical zero should be the same as the M16 you shouldered in the Reserves. Align the back sight to the notched (top of the aperture) 0 windage position...rotate the front sight post so that the base of the pin is more or less flush with the sight hood frame. You should now be at mechanical zero. If the rear sight isn't marked you will have to old school it...rotate all the way left or right then count the clicks needed to move aperture fully in the opposite direction...backing off half the resulting clicks is dead center.

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  3. JonM

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    lower the rear sight to the bottom then raise one click if you dont have meter/yard markings. if you do set the rear to the lowest setting 0 should be lined up with the detent mark.

    zero should be done at 100meters/yards. any elevation changes should be done witth the front sight post. the markings on the rear sight knob then act as a bullet drop compensator.

    if the front sight base is put on correctly it shouldnt need any left/right changes from factory default.