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    Found this deal at the local funshop today, I went in looking for a sling found this instead.


    I had been looking for a guncase but couldn't find any I liked local (I didn't want to pay shipping) and also couldn't find any for less than $45. I found this one for $21.39, I got the evil eye from the wife when I got back in the car with it. She cheered up when I told her how much I paid for it, followed by the question "Why do you need another one?" I have one for a shotgun but an AR won't fit in it.

    It's got five big pockets with velcro closure that hold 30-round mags nicely. Fits the AR-15A2 like a glove and is made by NcStar.

    Even the wife says she likes the digi camo pattern. I suggested a digi camo thong for her but only got the finger! LOL!