AR front sights for Match Shoots?

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by radiologicaldepoe, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. radiologicaldepoe

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    So I'm building up a DPMS to begin shooting local competitions. I have done alot of research on front sights so Im pretty familiar at this point what there is out there. Im wondering what you guys who are match competition shooters use for a front sight? I have already put on a Mako match rear with carry handle. Thanks.
  2. JonM

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    I like a thin very thin front sight post on a fixed front sight base. Rear i prefer the rra match a2. Rra offers the only true a2 style detachable that can reach 600yds.

    Mine is fixed front rear with 1/4 inch clicks. I dont really compete with it but i do a LOT of iron sight shooting for accuracy. The rra national match sights are top notch.

    Folding sights dont really cut it for precision open sight shooting. Look at what the service rifle competitors use. Most use rra or one or two other types
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  3. radiologicaldepoe

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    Thanks, yeh I also think the folding sights dont cut it, I think they are a tacticool fad. I also looked at some of those sight posts you mentioned, there are alot of options, however, it appears that CMP will only accept standard square A2 sight posts for most of there matches, there are exceptions though. Good thing is I can always change the sight post to fit the competition without having to have multiple rifles. I found some very expensive Lyman Globe Sights, which I believe I will slowly begin working into after some time getting my basic A2 sight fitted AR going. for the "match grade MAKO group A2 carry handle".........DONT EVER BUY IT. This thing is a total piece of junk and MAKO should stop promoting this crap if they want to keep their good name. The product was a GLOBAL MILITARY GEAR (GMG) MAKO Match Grade A2 rear sighted AR CARRY HANDLE...aka a piece of metallic garbage. The flip sights were floppy and didnt snap into place firmly, the MOA adjustment didnt adjust every click and the "Hard Anodized Coat" was just some black tractor paint slopped onto this poor excuse for a carry handle.So dont but it. And maybe someone should write MAKO and explain this.
  4. DenverSteve

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    I've always used stock A2 front sights without any issue or problems.
  5. SSGN_Doc

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    My Service Rifle Match upper had a narrow square post. (I can't remember the width. It is in a standard A2 fixed sight base. The rear sights are in a fixed carry handle and are from White Oak.