Ar Compact Scope??

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by PatC, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. PatC

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    Been reading some posts on AR optics. Some have helped and others not so much!! I have a A2 And want to put a 3x9x42 Type scope on it. Something i can shoot yots or what ever needs shot out to 300 or 400 yds. Im looking to spend a couple 100 , iv looked at the Barska and the NCstar Im now looking at the Osprey Compact Whats your thoughts on this scope?? Thanks Pat C.

    Osprey Compact 3-9x42 Duplex Reticle Rifle Scope w/ Rings Add To Cart
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    Product Number: LXCP3942DPG
    Web Product Title: COMPACT 3-9X42 ILL DUPLEX W/RING
    Item Price: $139.99 $109.99
    Availability: In Stock
    Shipping Weight: 2.13 lbs.

    • 3-9x42 Magnification with Duplex Glass Reticle
    • Japanese Hoya Glass Lenses
    • Fully Multi Coated Glass Lenses throughout 30mm tube
    • 100% of units Spin Tested
    • Fog Proof and Waterproof
    • Weaver/ Picatinny Mount Ring Mounts included
    • Shock-resistant to 50 BMG parameters
    • Green/Red/BLUE glass etched reticles in every scope
    • Illuminated reticles with gradual brightness controls
    • Bullet drop compensator in AR version
    • Anti-reflective paint applied and light stops added to reduce reflections and provide high-contrast image
    • 3 ½ - 5” of eye relief
    • Sleek, rubberized body
    • ¼ M.O.A. windage and elevation adjustments
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    Look into the Leoupold Mark AR series

  3. PatC

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    Why would you stay away from the Osprey??
  4. Shihan

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    What about This?

    Give you the close up and distance ability with fast acquisition of the target capabilities. Just a thought.
  5. AznZOhAn

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    I got to go with the crowd on this, you pay for what you get. You'll buy the cheap one then you'll see a nice one and finally kick yourself for not waiting and saving up for it. My cheap scopes got given away or just lay around the house for bird watching, the good ones get mounted and used(no pun intended).