AR 'buyer's market' taming a bit?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by sweeper22, Apr 11, 2015.

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    I have a pretty decent grip on most firearms products, at least those that I like for my needs. In some cases I have minimal knowledge, and in others I feel I have a pretty great grap. I've only been doing the AR thing for 6 years so, so I probably lack the perspective of someone with decades of experience. But it does seem like the post-Newtown hysteria and resulting over-production might be settling down a bit.

    For the last 12-18 months it's been an absolute buyer's market. On a scale of 1-10, you could often land products that rated a '6-8' in terms of quality at the price of a '2-4'. It appears to me that things might be leveling off a bit. Those products are now becoming slightly less available, and seemingly at a more realistic price. You can still get pretty great stuff on the cheap...but it seems the buyer's potential is now diminishing a bit.

    In other words-- if you're holding out for a better price, the situation seems to be trending in the opposite direction. When it comes to SURs and hi-cap now, or risk paying more later. I'd imagine the current prices hold up for another six months or so.
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    The demand has slacked off somewhat causing prices to go down to a reasonable level and delivery times to be shorter. However, with Hillary even thinking about running the flags are going up! Since some will be stupid enough to vote for the lying ________!
    And you can bet the anti-gun rhetoric will get a new breath of wind. And the prices may once again start to slowly climb!
    But at the present time they are not and it certainly would be a good time to purchase what one needs regarding the AR style rifle and things like reloading supplies, ammunition and related items. Some took a real bath the last time paying up to $2500.00 for an AR that is now at best worth around $900.00. I certainly hope we do not have to go there again in the future.


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    We're gonna go there again, count on it. Three months? Two years? 8 years? Tough to say. It's really just a question of when. But, I'm sure you know that already.

    A couple years ago so many foolish 'panic' purchases were made that it might have actually insulated us against the next AR/hi-cap/magazine run or two. There are tens of thousands of people who paid stupid (double, triple) prices for these items...and now many of them are sitting on mediocre products they paid 'elite/custom' prices for.

    Of course in a stressed market, ammo is the one cog that will always go haywire immediately.
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    Now it's a good time to buy AR-15 & put them away, the prices will rise again
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    I absolutely hate the idea of talking about politics, but unfortunately they do affect gun prices. Clinton has announced her bid for presidential candidacy today, and it is very possible she will get the democratic nomination. If that happens, come election time, you can bet prices will go up. Prices right no are the best they have been in years (except for 22 ammo). Right now is a great time to buy.

    In case this thread takes off: We all know people here don't like HC, and don't want her to be president. No need to ruin a good thread and have it shut down because you want to whine abut her. God, I hate politics.
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    BUY and store it is coming again!