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    Glasshartt has found a fantastic tool to help clean the carbon off the face of the bolt and the inside of the bolt carrier. This thing takes almost all the work out of cleaning that hard to get carbon on the bolt face that you used to have to scrape with a brass scraper or let soak for hours in solvent. For $15 bucks this thing has saved me hours of cleaning time.

    Here is a link where you can buy one:

    KZ M4CRST Carbon Removal Super Tool

    A single tool that can remove the carbon from both the bolt tail and bolt carrier with ease and precision. NEW Revolutionary Cork Screw Design makes carbon removal faster and more efficient than ever before.

    Manufactured on state of the art CNC machines from the highest quality tool steel. Compact design is a perfect fit for your range bag or buttstock storage compartment.

    • Fast And Highly Efficient Cork Screw Design Bolt Cleaner
    • Firing Pin Cleaner
    • Dual Scraping Edge Carrier Cleaner


    • CNC Machined From Solid Bar Stock
    • AISI SAE 0-1 Tool Steel
    • Rockwell Hardness 36
    • Black Oxide Finish
    • 3.3 Inches Long
    • Bead Blasted. Non Reflective Matte Finish
    • 1.5oz

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  2. cpttango30

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    That is slick I may just have to add that to the cleaning kit.

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    Scubie,Tell Glasshartt thanks for finding this.It's just what I need for my AR's.

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    Pass. Not a fan nor do I recommend that one scrapes the bolt face or tail or bolt carrier to remove carbon. Old sergeant major inspection caca, it is not needed. Guys that worry about it are probably also ones that make sure their gas rings arent aligned each time.

    If you do opt for the tool, I wouldnt order anything from botach. Horrible reputation (including my personal experience).
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    Interesting tool. Might be worth having in the range kit.

    I use the carbon removing dip from Slip2000. It is a glass jar full of white milky liquid. Drop in parts to soak for a few minutes. It cleans up carbon fouling in short order and gets the plastic residue out of my choke tubes with a single wipe.

    Kroil lifts the carbon off, too.
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    SFC Classberry said I had to do it every time I cleaned my M-16 So that is what I do. If you don't like that then You tell him. He was 6'6' 220# and could run 2 miles in under 10 minutes. He scored 375 on his PT tests. That man was so mean when he once screamed at an Orange and it pealed itself. I watched him stand a bunker filled with so much CS gas you could not see without a mask on and it didn't phase him one bit.