AR availability at Gunshow today

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Northwoods, Nov 8, 2008.

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    The largest gun shows in the PNW are sponsored by Washington Arms Collectors. They hold 2 shows per month, one in Monroe and one in Puyallup (the larger of the two).

    I attended the one in Monroe this morning, which is usually very low key, no lines, plenty of room inside, and just generally very laid back. Show opens to members and the public at 9:00 AM and usually you park next to the door with no problem.

    This morning there was a line of cars backed up unto the freeway (about a mile away). The parking lot was jammed and there was a line of people wrapped all the way around the building at 8:30 AM. I have never seen it like this.

    Once inside the place was packed. Prices were still reasonable, but the huge, long ammo counters were packed 3 deep with people trying to buy. Usually there is lots of empty space and maybe 5-10 people at the counters.

    AR stripped lowers were about $100-$140. They were flying off the tables, so I don't know how long they lasted (ONLY MEMBERS can buy guns and ammo at these shows - so that shows how high the activity was).

    Non-military type firearms were generally slightly higher, and older WW II era Springfields and Garands were generally lower than they have been in the past (last Spring and Summer).

    The panic was there however. I spoke with a friend of mine who works for Olympic and has his own gun store and he said it is just nuts right now. Unlimited and MANDATORY overtime at work and his shop is flooded with orders. AR bolts and carriers are almost impossible to get. Olympic Arms is contractually obligated to sell him at least 25 lowers per month, and they are trying to buy out that obligation.

    Thought I would just give a quick, short report from the field out here in the backwoods. Take it for what it's worth.........

    Interesting times.
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    no kidding im trying to find a gsg-5 local and no dealer with in 50 miles has them. I have been told they only get a few in when they do and normally they are already sold, if not there sold same day they get up out.

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    Anybody go tp Tulsa this weekend? Curious how the show went and what the atmosphere was. My best bud has a table there, I just wonder how and what people are buying. My feeling is it is as described from the PNW show. Hopefully it will calm down, but I doubt it. Just waiting on the prices to really jump. :(
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    same thing happened to my local gun shop
    literally a month ago there had rack fulls of AR-15 about 50 of them
    i went today...there were only 2 left...
    and the place was packed like i've never seen before and it was a sunday
    people are going nuts and the guys that work there said that they've been having one crazy week...
    absolutely nuts!