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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Fullclipchris, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Hey guys im in the middle of an ar build. Its an ar lower with m4 upper. And I want to know how far I can shoot with a 16 inch barrel . Most distance I shoot is 500 yards . And wanted to know if it will work
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    You certainly can shoot that distance. The issue is if you are punching paper or whatever. Of course the longer the barrel the better the ballistics are as far as ft. lbs at distance and some trajectory factors. The guys at Camp Perry shoot their 20 inch barreled match rifles up to 600 yards in the matches just for information. They use heavier bullets for those distances. One thing that you may not have considered at that distance that has the largest effect on the 223/5.56 round is the wind effect!! Severely effects the round at ranges. I have shot prairie dogs at 400 yards in Texas with the winds of the Amarillo area and it is not an easy task at 400.


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    I've got a rig or two like yours and can hit gongs, 12 inch by 16 inches at 400yards and minute of man up to 600 most days, if I do my part.
    As noted, wind is a big factor with 55 grain bullets.
    Weapon was designed to hit minute of man out to 600 yards, some of the time, with 55 grain bullets, BUT;;;;
    knock down at that distance is iffy to say the least!
    Great weapon @ or under 400 yards as designed.
    Past 400 yards, call in an airstrike, or arty, or get a .308 to be sure!:)
    M-4's are not target weapons, but they can do good work if you reload and don't try and make a .308 shots with 5.56mm's.