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    Hello everyone, new guy here with a few questions! First off i guess i should introduce myself, my names James im a 25 year old pre-vet (Veterinarian) college student in the unfortunately, liberal/democrat and illegal immigrant infested state of California (Can't wait to get out of here for vet school!!). I'm sure you all understand where i am coming from on that one. Anyways, i am a huge handgun enthusiast (mostly Sig Sauer), but recently had the chance to shoot a few AR's and Ak's and am now interested in building my own AR15 from scratch as a father/son project with my Dad. Does anyone have tips or recommendations on CA Neutered (Legal) and well built lowers/uppers etc. I was looking into the Stag Lowers, and Rock River Arms, but really have no experience in this field. I understand that i will need a bullet button and ten round mag lock? I would much appreciate any information or help!! Thank you guys, and God Bless!
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    Hi Sig welcome aboard...the AR-15 thread has quite a few posts from people that have built there own AR, you just need to know what's legal in Commiefornia and the gurus can help you with the rest...There are a few fellow CA AR owners on the board that can assist with navigating the CA landmines.

    Good luck...have fun.

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    If you are looking to build your own AR, then you have definitely come to the right place. Take a look at the Stickys in the AR section. Good Luck and welcome.