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ar-15 questions

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I was in the military for 6 years. I loved my m 16 A2 very much, and recently decided I wanted to build an AR 15. However I am ignorant of AR 15's for the most part and after the purchase of my first component I have a couple questions.

I bought a gutten lower receiver. It is a Superior Arms 5.56MM.

My questions are:

Can this also fire .223 or only 5.56 rounds?
Where can I find a compatible trigger assembly online? I am unsure if they are all pretty much universal or if I need to buy a specific one for my lower receiver.

Thank you very much for your time.
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I didn`t build one, but I bought a Rock River and now have 2 uppers for it. Whit the standard upper I fired some ammo I built with the cheapest varment bullets I could and shot a group that measured exactly .700 at 100 yrds. That was also with the cheapest powder I could find and the first load I tried. The loads are for coyote hunting and will be fired off hand so I never tried to get better. I do like Rock River.
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