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ar-15 questions

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I was in the military for 6 years. I loved my m 16 A2 very much, and recently decided I wanted to build an AR 15. However I am ignorant of AR 15's for the most part and after the purchase of my first component I have a couple questions.

I bought a gutten lower receiver. It is a Superior Arms 5.56MM.

My questions are:

Can this also fire .223 or only 5.56 rounds?
Where can I find a compatible trigger assembly online? I am unsure if they are all pretty much universal or if I need to buy a specific one for my lower receiver.

Thank you very much for your time.
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As far as the trigger goes, It's only really Colt who have a different size pin in there triggers. I use the Rock River Arms 2 stage trigger in one of my AR's and it is excellent, but you could splash out and get a Chip McCormick, Jewel or Timney Trigger group, Unike the RRA one these are all one unit ready to just drop in.

As for the ammo, It's not reccomended to fire 5.55mm In a .223 chamberd AR

Have a read through this :-

Hope this helps

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