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    I am new to AR-15's and am currently in the market to purchase one. I have been lurking around on some forums and trying to read up on as much information as possible. My only real preference is the rifle is a carbine with a collapsible stock seeing as it will be a home defense rifle.

    My real question is, is this rifle overpriced? If so where can I get it cheaper?

    I am not trying to pass the research buck onto any of you. I just figured you may know offhand. I have been searching, but I want to be sure of myself seeing as I am new.
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    Yes. That is overpriced for what you get in my opinion. Our shop could build you the same thing for probably, what, about $700-$750? There isn't anything special about that weapon, but they want a premium price for a relatively basic rifle. I personally wouldn't pay it.

    Since you don't want to pass the research buck, I suggest you take a look at several manufacturers, including Rock River, DPMS, etc.


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    I bought a Match Grade stainless bull barreled AR-15 from RRA for $915. I bought a Match Grade DPMS AR in .308 for $950. Do some more homework before you regret spending a small fortune on something only marginally accurate. I concur with Dillinger, you aren't getting anything special with that rifle - half a dozen companies make a similar product for 300-$400 less. RRA will give you an accuracy "guarantee" which, from my experience, you can count on.
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    that one is way over priced
    I sell the bushmaster M4 and also the ORC carbine for 879 NIB
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    +1 to what others have said: it's a overpriced by probably a couple hundred dollars.

    Also, I personally don't care for the fixed handle and would suggest a flat-top with a removable handle instead. A flat-top might open up some options for you down the line. (The picture shows an A2, but the description says it's an A3 flat-top.)

    You can save money by buying completed components and putting them together. Check the equipment exchange on for complete lowers and complete uppers. A complete lower should be under $200 and a complete upper should be around $500 or less. Add in a nice stock at $100 and you're at less than $800.

    Here are some examples links:
    Stag Arms 2HM4 upper (complete with bolt group): $489
    Stag Arms Lower (complete, w/o stock): $186
    Collapsible stock: $80

    Cost before shipping: $755.

    Look around for more than a minute like I just did, and you might be able to do better. :)

    Bushmaster, Rock River Arms, Stag Arms, Colt and several other brands are good. You can mix and match uppers and lowers (though I'd stay away from Olympic Arms unless you buy a complete rifle).
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    Check Smith and Wesson too. they have basically the same rifle that can be had in the $800 range, and they had a $100 rebate for a while, but that maybe expired by now.